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Texas Mom Punishes 14-Year-Old Son With Belt After He Takes Family’s BMW

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After El Paso teenager Aaron Martinez took his family’s car out for a joyride, his mom gave chase! Lisa Martinez tracked down her son, and when she found him in the driver’s seat, she proceeded to discipline him right there on the side of the road. Aaron is being called a modern-day Ferris Bueller, but also realizes he made a big mistake. He also says he will think twice before doing something like this again.
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Text Comments (10257)
Alia Mahmoud (1 hour ago)
You people act like nobody else has gotten slapped with a belt. Like honestly, I get spanked for dropping a cup🤦‍♀️
AG gaming230 (2 hours ago)
Rip my headphones
Randy Estrada (13 hours ago)
The chancla works better!!
Angel Reyes (19 hours ago)
What?? This was in El Paso ??? I did not now this I live near their .. wow I laughed so hard when I saw this on Instagram
Annie O'Reilly (21 hours ago)
He deserved it
Vivmine CL (1 day ago)
He got 6 Latino wipps from his mom
Derp Person (1 day ago)
How can a kid know how to drive
TheyCallMeChips (1 day ago)
I don't usually agree with discipling kids using belts or anything like that, but in this case...it was either he got hit with the belt or by another car.
Faizan Khan (1 day ago)
Over now
Jeremiah Uti (1 day ago)
LoL Reminds me of my mom when she caught my brother taking her car. We were bad kids back then, but we sure learned our lesson.
Naomi Spence (1 day ago)
His friend must've been scared 😂
Unicorn sparkles (2 days ago)
Lol in the Philippines we get beaten by belt or stick for playing outside too much or stealing or something bad
TriforceKia (2 days ago)
Mom: give me the belt Me: oh no
Kotal Kahn (2 days ago)
Well , he did have a good time. Didn't he?😎🚬
Ronni Satterwhite (2 days ago)
Aaron owed her BIG TIME
Błånćo (2 days ago)
Girl put some power in your weak arms. He needs his ass whooped the real way
Cash Money (2 days ago)
Elvis Bisanovic (2 days ago)
Loudness Scale Mom Screaming Pull over now: 500 dB Black Hole: 400 dB Gunshot: 160 dB Fireworks: 140 dB
GB06 Chomp Chomp (3 days ago)
Teen: "Hey Saul it's me...I'm being followed" Saul: "By what?" Boy: "A tan unmarked Escalade" Saul: "No Worries...I'll go get the guys. By the way who's driving the Escalade?" [Mom outside] Stop the car now!!!!! -Call ended-
candies corner (3 days ago)
Kid: I deserved it, it was a bad choice and I just wont do it again. In his head: *I'm being forced to say this*
Francisco Avendano (3 days ago)
Latina mom! I would have hit the gas peddle and burnt out!!!!!! Beat me ass later!!lol!!
Hari The Rock (3 days ago)
His sister was enjoying all these!!!
ck stars (3 days ago)
Carlos Requena (4 days ago)
Nooo not my pa4 😂😂
Chloe's world (4 days ago)
G just ground him and confiscate his phone or something
malcolm williams (4 days ago)
Bet he felt embarrassed when he was spanked in front of his friend!
Elongated Muskrat (4 days ago)
I heard it from bikini bottom
Andre Jackson (4 days ago)
Toot toot that ass up
*"pull over NoWwW!!!"* ~ the mom
itz Keisya (5 days ago)
"PULL OVER-NOWWWWW!!!"ummm....😐i wore my head phones...ouch😕
legend has it that you could still hear the scream today
Mzach 179 (6 days ago)
Call the cops this is abuse
AdorkableKatie (6 days ago)
He’s 14, how the hell. What made him think this was smart and that he’d get away with it if it aint the first time 🙄
Elika M (6 days ago)
This boy is amazing! 😂😂😂
matthew wynn (6 days ago)
Well he will only be punished until he out of house so not foreever
Amber Milius (6 days ago)
Child abuse!!!!
Xxxcameron_myers (6 days ago)
Pull over *NOWWWWWW*
Teiy (6 days ago)
*14?* my sister is 15 and still can't drive.
MartinMadrazo (6 days ago)
Her scream is my new alarm clock ring tone
GODLY Derian (7 days ago)
I used to get beat not anymore
Rohan Mane (7 days ago)
His sister is such a snitch.
Ratha Sandy (7 days ago)
“ I deserve it I should never done that again” Me: yeah you do
Carla Morel (7 days ago)
ive seen this on instagram lmao
Cubing Adventures (8 days ago)
Robell61 (8 days ago)
Kid got whooped with a Hermès belt bro 👀
Rainbow Dash (8 days ago)
Now that's a persistent parent.
Mellissa Smith (8 days ago)
You go mom, I'm afraid to drive now lol
Dash Gamer (8 days ago)
Micah Catiness (9 days ago)
That's how we do it in El Paso. Dont mess with a Mexican mom!
Clorax Bleach (9 days ago)
She's not arrested?
Ashley playz (9 days ago)
I wish i could see the boy's reaction when he was being smacked by his mom
《Tea And Honey》 (10 days ago)
my mom would fucken bring out the chancla. 😭💀
Mom: Pull Over NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Me: Ow my eardrums 👂🏽🥁!
Vico Gambino (10 days ago)
Greetings from El Paso!😎😎.. we crazy af!
Catherine Kolken (10 days ago)
I’m glad at the end the boy new that he messed up and he atmited to doing it wrong and that he knows he diserved it
x banter (11 days ago)
Fair play to him
laleki9 (11 days ago)
his mom is hot af
Ikononly _ (11 days ago)
His driving tho
Gamingrocks673 (11 days ago)
It would have been something if he had pulled over and the mom had walked towards the car and he would have sped off
Ruby Lagare (11 days ago)
Mom: “GIVE ME THE BELT” Me: 😂😭😂
Abby's World (11 days ago)
I bet that was his dads belt
Abby's World (11 days ago)
This is why you have 2 cars
Jasmine Unicorn (11 days ago)
PULL OVER NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kila Roberts (11 days ago)
I'm crying hahanjnaK
lxvey editss (12 days ago)
the door too 😂 dang
shot forshot (12 days ago)
I bought my first car at 13. Dad drove me 30 miles away to go look at it, I paid for it and dad followed me home. I drove it to middle school. Lol
Jocelyn Trujillo (12 days ago)
You shouldn’t hit him with the belt either
Armani Appow (13 days ago)
The booty really be compelling you like that.
starblitz 45 (13 days ago)
pull over NOWWWW!!!!!! *hears scream from the other side of the world* Nani?
Average Kitten (13 days ago)
Isn’t it illegal to drive at 14?
Raymond Serrano (14 days ago)
I love the way she let him have it he deserve to get hit with that belt.
Aishwary Tripathi (14 days ago)
That lady was like a t Rex 🦖🦖
Adam (14 days ago)
Pull over N O O O W
azanboi 123 (14 days ago)
I wouldnt have been alive if that was me
Elsewhere (14 days ago)
I would just keep driving.
Carolyn Nigro (15 days ago)
Oof. I was having flashbacks to my own childhood
michael and margerate (15 days ago)
1:08 i learned my lesson, i was wearing headphones
Annasoccer31 (16 days ago)
Why is it always in Ohio?
Annasoccer31 (15 days ago)
Michael Lovely you good thanks 😂
Michael Lovely (15 days ago)
This was in El Paso, Texas.
Then why the frick would u do it 🤦🏽‍♀️
BlazingFireball HQ (16 days ago)
Rip earphone users in " pull over nowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!"
PusheenGacha1 (16 days ago)
The way she yelled!!!!!!! “Pull over NNNOOOOOOOOWW!!!!!!!”
Yan Wang (16 days ago)
Cookie YT (16 days ago)
Who whips their child with a belt!? She should be arrested for child abuse
michael morganroth (16 days ago)
Wait so we CAN use a belt on our children???
Jorge Flores (16 days ago)
Latin moms lol I am suprice she did not used LA CHANCLA 😂😂😂
xd Elfy (17 days ago)
Where was his UNO reverse card?
SickL Official (17 days ago)
Taus Ul Bari (17 days ago)
I mean...his parents gotta be proud..like driving at this age perfectly..without giving the cop any chance to know who was driving SNEAK 100
Taus Ul Bari (17 days ago)
Imaging being the buddy. Just lookin at your friend and thinking ''How did I end up here?''
Pull over noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Astrid Díaz (17 days ago)
*Mexican mom's had entered the chat*
xJack Red (17 days ago)
*comment starter pack!* -I heard it from Australia -PULL OVER NOWWWWWWW! -haha I kinda feel bad for the kid -omg the best part was when she said PULL OVER NOWWWWWWWW - she used a Gucci belt - he used blinkers tho - it was heard around the world - Selling replay buttons! -2019 anyone? I know I’m not online ;)
ItzFlashy (17 days ago)
“And She Has Confiscated All Of His Electronics.” Yep, typical mom
John Ruth (18 days ago)
0:55 she is smoking
Martin Renteria (18 days ago)
You should never put your hands on a child
How did she know exactly where to find his tho?
He’s smart af tho
jkjay4ever (18 days ago)
I would never beat my kids with a belt it damage them mentally and physically and it would hurt me also mentally that mom took her anger out on that kid instead of talking to him and grounding him but he understood what he did wrong so I guess he “deserves” it.
primal LUFI (18 days ago)
No jk
primal LUFI (18 days ago)
Mom must be Dead

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