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Workout Clothing Haul & Try On | ADIDAS, NIKE, UNDERARMOUR

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Hey everyone! I've got another video for you guys, and if you are new to my channel then hello my name is Lucy 🙋🏻 and I upload videos about my workouts, what I eat in a day, and some vlogs! So if you aren't subscribed already and want to see more videos then there will be a red button just above/below this description box (depending on mobile or laptop haha) and if you click it, you will be subscribed for more videos! YAY 👍🙌 THANKS FOR WATCHING! Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Clothing items mentioned in the video: 1. Underarmour Bra: https://www.underarmour.com/en-ca/women-s-ua-heatgear-armour-seamless-w-cups/pid1275923-100 2. Adidas Tank: http://www.adidas.ca/en/womens-performer-tank-top/AY7531.html 3. Nike Pro Tank: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/pro-womens-training-tank/pid-10741017/pgid-11076644 MY WEBSITE & WORKOUT PROGRAMS: ➢ http://www.lucylfitnesss.com Last video I uploaded: https://youtu.be/Ug1EkZlrT0o MUSIC: Need It All - Jap Junior (Instrumental Version) --------------------------------------- How I save money shopping online: https://www.ebates.ca/referrer?referrerid=d3xkZTeIgIo%3D%0D%0A&src=Link CONNECT WITH ME: ➢INSTAGRAM: @addictlulu ➢SNAPCHAT: LucyLFitness ➢YOUTUBE: LucyLFitness For business inquiries only: LucyLFitness[at]gmail.com Lucy xo
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Text Comments (46)
Crystal Turner (1 month ago)
Large UA bra? Curious what your cup size is, we look the same...I prob would have ordered online a medium and now thinking that would be too small. I’m a 34DD...wondering if I should order a large? 🤔
Man Like B (2 months ago)
Hard as a diamond watching this, jesus christ
Win Ro (11 months ago)
Nice boobs😘
Donna S. Casselman (1 year ago)
I am sharing online https://shoppingtshirts.com/product-category/womens-clothing/tank-tops-womens-clothing/
kemuael (1 year ago)
Tha Lulu purple sports bra, loving it :-)
Kimberley Kluin (1 year ago)
ya with fake boobs it will look like every sport bra holds you but that kind sht isnt gonna hold mine :/ well nike i heard is really good but please youtube give us a girl showing these sport bras without fake boobs and ya i would love fake boobs guz then i wont have bra problems who dont fit but still no money for tht :/ so like i beg youtube to do reviews on nike sport bras without fakeness
Sandy Zhu (1 year ago)
where are your leggings from at the end? looking for some for small waist and bigger butt :(
Anonymous Malaysia (1 year ago)
P Nádja (1 year ago)
Find the best gym clothes & more HERE: https://hu.pinterest.com/nadjapavlova/2017-springsummer/
WilliamONE (2 years ago)
Nice video Lucy! Great explanation and clothing looks great!
Johnny GT-CA13 (2 years ago)
Bish, those outfits tho.  On Jesus, you wear them................well.  GURL!  I'll repot myself 😛
Thalia and John (2 years ago)
Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing :) Can't wait to watch more of your videos. If you get a minute, we would love it if you could check out our videos and let us know what you think :) Thank you so much!
I have more fitness clothes than I do normal people everyday clothes , lol :)
Seol Lee (8 months ago)
Lol I rarely buy normal clothes anymore.
UNRULY MARSHA (1 year ago)
Shay-lon Moss Agree
Jasmine Falls (2 years ago)
What bottoms would go best with the muscle tank?
Jasmine Falls (2 years ago)
Like do shorts go? Cause i have some but i feel awkward
Jasmine Falls (2 years ago)
Your editing was so good!
Mindy Kim (2 years ago)
AHH! Love all the clothes girl! Thanks for sharing - love all the colors!
IJ Copon (2 years ago)
I could watch videos like this all day, haha, they all look good!
okayGK (2 years ago)
Okay, I love your boobs. I said it. They are just so perfect!! just like mine =) Been some time since ive visited your channel glad you're still grinding Lucy. The purple one is sexy but that Neon shirt is def my fav. Love the look of it. Solid workout, keep it up!!! ps Sub and Like animation is cool.
Mimi (2 years ago)
Oh and what eyelashes are you wearing if you're wearing any?? 💕
Mel Drescher (2 years ago)
That bra is size Large?? It looks like it would be a size small
UnknownUser (2 years ago)
Those are so fake, look like balloons 😂
Shopi Compras (2 years ago)
Watch your eyes folks! Something's gonna pop!
Kims Life Page (2 years ago)
the neon and baby blue shirts are the cutest 💙
Elliot Jay (2 years ago)
Holy shit.
Lottie Gibbons (2 years ago)
Nike Sports Bra's are literally the best!!
Toneblackout (2 years ago)
nice Lucy. fly gear
Legion Fitness (2 years ago)
you know, I feel like females get the best quality in clothing lol so many variations in tank tops and styles
Colossus Fitness (2 years ago)
Where the Colossus Fitness T at though ;)
LucyLFitness (2 years ago)
Bahaha, hook meh up ;)
Leesha McGuiness (2 years ago)
Great Edit!! Love it girl <3
SavageAF (2 years ago)
Great video , you're so adorable. Keep up the hard work. Just subscribed. Check out my videos when you get a chance, I'll really appreciate it 🙏🏻
Emily M-G (2 years ago)
omg the ending haha I forgot about that picture
jojessica (2 years ago)
Will never get over how good your boob job is... everyone needs to go to your doctor haha.
victoria akselrod (1 year ago)
What doctor did you go to? I'm planning on getting a boob job as well in the near future :D
LucyLFitness (2 years ago)
Louise Grigg (2 years ago)
Love this so much xx
MakeupVN (2 years ago)
Love the stuff you got! Do you have your closet on Glamoutfit app? I want to follow you. I'm so curious what you have in your closet.
MakeupVN (2 years ago)
You will love it! It's life changing! You can mix and match clothes on your phone, and share your closet and lookbook with other people. I love it because I'm always curious about what stylish people have in their closet.
LucyLFitness (2 years ago)
Ooo no I don't! But will check out the app!
Aimstone (2 years ago)
Looks awesome ;)
Lidya Elkobi (2 years ago)
You are so gorgeous like Pocahontas 😍😍..everything looks good on you
LucyLFitness (2 years ago)
Thanks love!
JSPhysique (2 years ago)
first come at me bro

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