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Siblings of Foster Child Removed Due to Nationality Sleep in Her Room

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The foster family of a 6-year-old girl who was removed from their home vows to do whatever it takes to get her back. Rusty and Summer Page have been trying to adopt Lexi for the past three years, but the little girl, was taken from the Page's home last week by Los Angeles County child welfare authorities. Her siblings are camped out in her bedroom, waiting for Lexi to come home. The Pages are appealing the removal and say they will go to the U.S. Supreme Court if they have to.
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Text Comments (6848)
TheGalaxy Catz (5 hours ago)
“I LOVE YOU!” 😭😭😭😭
Daughter of The King (7 hours ago)
Elizabeth Warren is her biological mom. 🤣
Not Funny (1 day ago)
Indian child welfare act? 1/64 native? WTF America. Never heard of this.
This Crazy Life (2 days ago)
I’m also 0.08 Irish... I should go become a leprechaun But this is stupid bring Lexi home!
Sunny Sonnington (2 days ago)
South park did this episode
Silber Sterne (20 hours ago)
@Sunny Sonnington Oh, I saw it nvm
Sunny Sonnington (1 day ago)
@Silber Sterne it was ike. He was taken from Kyle's family and given to his parents in Canada. I believe it was an older ep. I've been jumping around seasons
Silber Sterne (1 day ago)
Which one? I haven't seen it yet
pickel joos (2 days ago)
dawg tf
bayleighpgee (2 days ago)
Nigga did you just say 1/64 Native American........💀💀💀💀💀💀
Andrea Gallard (2 days ago)
This is stupid , it’s making native Americans look bad.
Oopsie Daisy (3 days ago)
I thought this was sad until I read more and learned more, and this is the second time this family has adopted a child and made this public thing out of it and lost the child to the biological parents in a court case.
Pastel Crazes (3 days ago)
Another Day In Space (3 days ago)
Nafi Ssa (3 days ago)
Why? Just why? Am I the only one thinking this is totally racist like
Glitch Animations (3 days ago)
http://chng.it/K9ZXm5YrPy Bring her home
Clarissa Velasco (3 days ago)
My white 4th grade teacher was divorced and adopted a native american child and a asian kid she told me one time when she was taking a stroll with her kids someone thought she was a baby sitter because her kids were darker than them
Abigail Elizondo (3 days ago)
🙄🙄🙄 cringey how they were yelling. Yelling doesn’t change a damn thing
Rere V (1 day ago)
Abigail Elizondo love how replying = being worked up 🥴 cause if that's the case, u needa chill and not get worked up over mine
Abigail Elizondo (1 day ago)
Rere V Yup! Cringey. Just like you getting worked up about a YouTube comment... YIKES BUDDY
Rere V (3 days ago)
ikr 😂 having emotions and being distraught about ur kid/sibling being taken away is cringey asf
Brianna Arriola (3 days ago)
YouTube why am I finding out about this 3 years later?
cookies creamers (3 days ago)
The goosebumps when i saw how they tore that beautiful family apart
jollynyoung (3 days ago)
Omg I searched other videos related to this and can’t seem to find what happened. Some say that Lexi is now living with relatives of hers and not reunited with this family. Is this true??? This is CHILD ABUSE.
Catherine Kelley (3 days ago)
Where can I sign this petition???
Tota Lee (4 days ago)
This channel is supposed to belong to a news channel run by people who apparently studied journalism (writing), yet they can't make the title make ANY sense.
It's About Time (4 days ago)
Who is more confused than before they watched this video? It doesn't make sence
alanis park (4 days ago)
this is heartbreaking
Eden At War (4 days ago)
Who’s being helped here ??... What damn good is going to come of this ? .. That little child has already been subjected to trauma that would make an adult just crumple to the floor in grief and terror... So, what’s next for that baby.? Why the hell isnt there any common sense in this country!!! disgusting!!!
Theotter Islands (4 days ago)
i believe the law is important, native kids should be kept within their tribes so they can learn their culture. However Lexi is only 1/64 Choctaw and the law is being misused in this case.
Alex Shuysky (4 days ago)
Can't White People go to Native American reserve and just pick the 63/64 White baby back?
Beatriz LOVE (4 days ago)
Where do I sign? I was a foster child myself.
Oluchi E (4 days ago)
okay it actually was a really sad and devastating thing, but they couldn’t even clean up homegirl’s room?
J Dawg (4 days ago)
She’s was with a happy, loving family. What a massive slap in the face to all the kids out there being abused and unwanted by their foster families.
Bri Quinn (4 days ago)
Insane, I didnt even know this was a thing ..
random craft (4 days ago)
This is a nice loving family that actually cares for her but child services take her away but then when there's one that's getting abused too they don't even care .. what is this logic
cblw14 (4 days ago)
Did they get Lexi back?
Lalaworld71 (4 days ago)
I'm 1/16th native American and don't consider myself native American at all.
Itss KayleeMarie (4 days ago)
can they give us an update !?
Diana Cruz (4 days ago)
This is so DUUUMMBBB. She’s not even HALF Native American!! SHE should be able to decide who she gets to live with
Party party (4 days ago)
Was she ever reunited
E P (4 days ago)
Race really is a social construct. Lol.
Jasmin Hernandez (4 days ago)
1/64 Native American, well let’s all get a 23 and me done. If we have a 1/64 maybe we qualify for scholarships!!!! 🙄
Oliver Arieno (4 days ago)
This is so disgusting. Kids sgould never be moved from home to home, its not healthy. Get her back to her parents and siblings.
Libni Forest (4 days ago)
Racist as hell !!!!!!!! This is why we need to stop racial decisions and divisive pride practices. So stupid ...
Fresh Gyro (4 days ago)
This is an underhanded attack on white Americans, straight up.
Fresh Gyro (4 days ago)
That crowd is disgusting.
Bri Quinn (4 days ago)
The crowd is protesters fighting against it
Nina (4 days ago)
This is child ABUSE!!!! so sad & sick...
happy Gabby!!! (4 days ago)
Why these rules? To conserve the tribes? Protect the tribes? I guess that's more important than this little girl's life.
Neat (4 days ago)
I'm Mexican and way more native American than 1/64th. None of this makes sense.
Tia Tokkesdal (5 days ago)
Bethany Barnett (5 days ago)
This is so ridiculous. Everyone advocates for people to offer their home, love, food, money, support, clothes, etc to these children in the system and a wonderful family welcomes a child into their home with open arms she is taken away from her only safe space because she is 1/64 Native American. That is absolutely insane. #bringlexihome
Natalie Hughes (5 days ago)
This is so sad. They obviously care so much about her :(
Lucie E. (5 days ago)
i remember hearing about this when it came out and i cant help but wonder if she ever made it home
SeXiLaVilleValo101 (5 days ago)
God this is horrible.
Maria Maria (5 days ago)
Nooooo!!!!!!!! Don't do this to the child and her family!!!!! This is not humane. She is not just a part of an institution, she is someone's child, she is brought up in a home with people who love her!!! BRING HER BACK!!!
Sweet Lilac (5 days ago)
Y’all wanna take me too orrrr?? It’s 1% oh my god
AlyssaMenerMusic (5 days ago)
This made me cry
trey (5 days ago)
That guy looks like Jerry
LA WhispersASMR (5 days ago)
Please do another story in this and help this family! It’s not over till it’s over!
Evenity (5 days ago)
Wow they notice this but not the abusive parents or drug addictive parents. Damn shame.
CreamPOOFyum (5 days ago)
Damn so sad reminds me of when colonizers stole the children and sent them to missions and later boarding school
Sofia (5 days ago)
So... the girl is 1.6 percent native american... ok.
Nick Colón (5 days ago)
What if she gets abused while she is sent away??????
bella baby (5 days ago)
is she home now ☹️
Heaven Cash (5 days ago)
Shameful they sent her away like that. They should have done it with respect for that child’s mental well-being. I come from a home torn to pieces by the foster care system where I live and I and my siblings were the children that slipped through the systems cracks. I hope everything gets worked out or has been. So traumatic for these children.
Tiffany Sonne (5 days ago)
This story is 3 years old now, did they ever get her back??
love Fire (5 days ago)
OMG that's so messed up that they took the baby
Honey Dubey (5 days ago)
Thats messed up. The family care about her, why separate the family? Its so sad
Y.E.S Twin (5 days ago)
Omg that scars children
TessaAwesome Awesome (5 days ago)
I would die to bring back this beautiful family
vanessa garcia (5 days ago)
Oh please. So dramatic
Maria's Langohren (5 days ago)
So what happened to her now? Please update
Cedie Pili (5 days ago)
I'm 1/1024 part atlantean
Elliana Leah (5 days ago)
This world is so unjust and evil.
476 Anno Domini (5 days ago)
How about you use some commas in that title, Inside Edition?
Krown Vick (5 days ago)
Don't hate me for saying this I 100% don't agree what they did but I completely understand why they did this due to the law that passed for natives Indians back in the day but I think this was the wrong time doing this family being separated a heartbreak they should had a chance to fight for the bond that girl had with this family and let natives half breed full 1% choose a choice they want to live with instead completely taking them or secluding due to the law idk to much about it we get they were slaves and killed lots of blood shed and making amends along with other race that suffered
Emma G (5 days ago)
Wow... didn’t know this would make me cry
pSmall360 (5 days ago)
Loading Username... (5 days ago)
This absolutely sucks. A child, a living, complex, vulnerable human being and her needs, her wants, her life and well being being aren't even first. Her almost non existent ethnic relation and its relation to the law is. Disgusting.
Mr LaPrune (5 days ago)
whats better ? taking a child away from her FAMILY or taking her happiness? both THEY TOOK BOTH
Unpopular mustache (5 days ago)
Wolf_0bliterate (6 days ago)
w0aH thERe 1/64 IndIAn iS A lOt tO hAVe HEr TaKEn AWay FrOm HeR LoVIng FaMILy
Abigail The cat girl (6 days ago)
This is messed up I hope she gets back with this family
Leelz247 (6 days ago)
Eff this cruelty. 1/64th? I could understand it if she had grown up in the culture and her foster parents were trying to erase that part of her but she didn't and they weren't. Native Americans have a long history of family separation and forced adoptions but THIS is helping NOBODY.
DoeShine (6 days ago)
Same thing happened to my sister :/
Kyril J (6 days ago)
They're upset because they're loosing the monthly state payments they got for her. She's not your daughter. Go get another cash baby. CPS has thousands for sale.
ROMA Portugal (6 days ago)
This Is heart breaking
Supper Fello 7046.32 (6 days ago)
Came back to see this and still sad
Rachel Boyce (6 days ago)
This title is horrible.
Syntheziz (6 days ago)
1/64 lmao one dumb ass law
Jaretzy ibarra (6 days ago)
Freaking racists what is this the 1960’s Everyone deserves to be loved by someone different
Rick Sanchez (6 days ago)
That's bull because I'm 23% native American and I dont have to live in a reserve or with my maternal parents...I'm so confused
Michaela DeLong (6 days ago)
The opposite thing happened in Canada to a family I know. This family was Metis and had a foster child who was Metis for years. It was suddenly discovered this child had half-siblings in a foster home in Ontario and she was removed and sent to live with them. I knew the family and it was heartbreaking for them because she had become their daughter.
tinybrownin (6 days ago)
These people need the worlds help!!! This baby will never be the same again!!! My daughter is 6. The government or whomever is behind this should be ashamed!!!!!
Finnerz (6 days ago)
V E R Y dramatic
Amina M (6 days ago)
Damn 1/64th? So that means she had other nationalities in her right?
Alondra De La Torre (6 days ago)
All the prolifers think that the foster care system is al butterflies and rainbows smh
Callie Tatum (6 days ago)
Why hasn’t there been an update??
Nicole Marly (6 days ago)
Because their final appeal was denied in court They lost and aren't getting her back
Attack On Mexicans (6 days ago)
There family is dramatic
BeingAmora (6 days ago)
What???? There’s children everyday that get abused by their foster parents and biological parents and majority of the time they don’t get taken away, yet ACS decides to take away children from good homes instead of bad homes. Do better ACS.
Squidian (6 days ago)
Am I the only one think the father looks like jacksepticeye but older, anyways, I feel bad for the child getting taken away from the family.
Havoc Hellbent (6 days ago)
Who's big idea was it to even make that stupid law?
Staying Positive (6 days ago)
this is so bad. so bad. God please intervene in this situation to bring Lexi back to the parents that love her. And 1/64? This is horrible.
sam zzz (6 days ago)
The title makes literally zero sense until you watch the video. Y’all need to hire someone else for that job
jaksujs channel (6 days ago)
Native American? Tf so foster kids need to be in a home for same race that's dumb af
jaksujs channel (6 days ago)
Omg Lexi omg I forgot about this

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