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The Lion Guard Beshte and the Beast Cartoon For Kids 2018

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Lion Guard Season 2 Full Episodes - Lion Guard Shujaa Ponda Top Best Cartoon Videos for kids and Children 2018 İn this episode of Lion Guard Season 2 : A gorilla warrior named Shujaa comes to help the Lion Guard in the battle against Scar. The series will recount the efforts of Kion, the son and youngest child of Simba and Nala, to assemble a team of animals to protect the Pride Lands. Some characters from The Lion King and its 1998 sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride will appear such as Kiara, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu and Mufasa. It will also feature new characters including a cheetah named Fuli, a hippopotamus named Beshte, an egret named Ono and a ratel named Bunga, who will serve as Kion's friends.
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Text Comments (623)
sophia madden (2 days ago)
13:19 i got scared he was gonna tear the butterfly's wing off and be like "BUG FREE NOW!"
Stephan Kager (6 days ago)
Es ist echt klasse aber es wär noch besser wen es auf deutsch wäre 🦁🦁
Arielle McIntosh (7 days ago)
Your Mum (7 days ago)
Shugaa sad Shugaa turn into chris brown
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Because this show is DUMB
Blake Lane (6 days ago)
Subcribe to PewDiePie why would you
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I want to throw a Missile there and I DONT CARE ABOUT THE CIRCLE OF LIFE
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Ripper The Indoraptor (10 days ago)
For a second I thought Shujaa was going BANANAS!!ok sorry I'll leave............
Tipi Pep (11 days ago)
i like how Shujaa sings of SHUJAA PONDA
Marissa Fellows (12 days ago)
Wait a minute
Peh Chuiing (14 days ago)
Shuja please stop pundaing please
Jon Ebinger (16 days ago)
I like your new uysdy
Baryo Johnson (16 days ago)
The The gorilla actually sounds like me
Candi The Wild Pig (16 days ago)
11:49 Oh no, did you hear that Lion Guard? The serval was hunting a bird! You should yell at him to stop or beat him up for it like what you did to poor Ushari or Makuu for hunting in the Pridelands, you know, WHERE THEY LIVE. And are allowed to eat. (Sarcasm). Nah but for real, this is actually a good episode. It was kinda fun seeing Shujaa beat up the bad guys like the Hulk, instead of Kion using his unnecessarily overpowered roar.
Dennis McTye (17 days ago)
Damn, that gorilla can sing 2:33 Now he sounds sad 15:31
Sara Rai (17 days ago)
Why does uno say affirmative not yes😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😚😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑and also gue geus the odd one
Nicky Smart (17 days ago)
I love this show soo much
QuidProQuo xD (18 days ago)
Ono is my favorite one
Piyali Basu (19 days ago)
my son says in next episode there should be more animals joining scar army like mackucha and his leopards and Mpishi and her hawks
Valerie Badalamenti (21 days ago)
3:27 what to say when a gorilla sings
Doctor Who whovian 101 (21 days ago)
Why is everyone trying to make logic out of this show? Its a show made for kids...it don't need logic. So stop trying to make it feel like its real when its just a cartoon. Either watch it or don't its up to you. I for one really like this show. its cute. it reminds me of the land before time tv series back in the day.
Elizabeth Metse (22 days ago)
Me: *Hears Shujaa’s sing* Also Me: “IM GONNA NEED A RIGHT HAND MAND SOOO-“
misspinkpunkykat (22 days ago)
Dang! That gorilla can sing!
Eddie Frangos (23 days ago)
We regret to inform that property damage could not be kept to a minimum.
Tunashake RBLX (25 days ago)
juja kinda sounds like kehaar from watership down
taryn4080 (25 days ago)
why do they all have tattooes? bad influence, really
Daniella Charles (25 days ago)
The gorilla has a nice voice. Poor villains They never win) 9:58 pm
Blake Lane (6 days ago)
Daniella Charles didn’t they win in the valley fire episode
NK BISWAS (27 days ago)
yoowuzgud (27 days ago)
That gorilla's got a future in show business
Lucia H (27 days ago)
gabgab123 almaden (1 month ago)
Ryo Stonewell (1 month ago)
man, i love it when the gorrillas sing. whoever voices them can really hold a note.
tiger boy gaming (1 month ago)
Hey they ate scar the hyena ate scar and scar said that the hyenas where the enemies why do they still respect him?
edward schneider (1 month ago)
Galagoes? Galaga!!!
Other Girl (1 month ago)
Lashell Emmanuel (1 month ago)
he can dance
Hannah Briden (1 month ago)
What the heck this is so Stoopid
Jotaro Kujo (1 month ago)
The song was nice but the catchphrase is cheesy over the top..
Tamarbek Baigonysov (1 month ago)
Denise Shaw (1 month ago)
Dylin Webb (1 month ago)
my sister did this
Dylin Webb (1 month ago)
In Disney comedy catboy from pj masks is sleepwalking and getting into trouble all over oakland like when a eagle takes him to the ocean and leaving rocky from paw patrol a choice to rescue catboy.
Dylin Webb (1 month ago)
In Disney comedy catboy from pj masks is sleepwalking he ate everything in oakland walked on the street and a car hit him then a eagle took him to the ocean and dropped him in the water giving rocky from paw patrol to dive underwater to save catboy.
Kaitfish11 AJ (1 month ago)
I was waiting for him to crush the butterfly by accident
FoxyGirl 1082 (1 month ago)
5:44 That’s the classic whip I’d get if I was back in my home in Africa
Habibul Hoque (1 month ago)
What is it with giving primates these banging voices? Donkey Kong, that gorilla from SING, (the band Gorillaz, okay, I cheated) and now this. X'D I'm pretty sure Gorilla Grodd, Winston from Overwatch and Kerchak from Tarzan would each have slaying voices as well if they were suddenly given a musical number. Not that I'm complaining. Gorillas and ring-tailed lemurs are my favorite primates. :3
LycanShadow9 (26 days ago)
For obvious reasons, gorillas are tough, strong, and grunt deeply. Therefore, they are given tough, strong, and occasionally, deep voices.
Roshane Fowler (1 month ago)
Enerstina Duodu (1 month ago)
Shujaa sings well
Skai and Me (1 month ago)
" Numbers not matter! Shujaa can't count! "
2:34 - Lionel Richie! Is that you?!
XNUKE FIRE (1 month ago)
Hulk, wait wrong series
NATASHA ARON (1 month ago)
Inafurahisha sana
DragonKitty (1 month ago)
could u upload the bite of kenge?
Kayambi Kalonda (1 month ago)
suja don't really speak well he speak like a baby.
Penni Darrah (1 month ago)
R.I.P hyenas funeral music comes on XD LMAO
Suja is king kong
Sallyann Kotwon (1 month ago)
Suja has a great voice
shimraz Chand (1 month ago)
Go man
Eden horizon (1 month ago)
Always Amina (1 month ago)
Suja: Suja here too
Vienn Railly Gumilet (1 month ago)
Beshte was so cringe
s4 jw (1 month ago)
Its like a Kerchak
NickDoesStuff (1 month ago)
At least scar is here
Jeremy Wain (1 month ago)
Leanne Dahmani (1 month ago)
David Rafael (2 months ago)
Shujja is like the hulk smash
Archie Bain (2 months ago)
I thought crocs and hippos could live together
5:44- home run
Syeda Zaman (2 months ago)
Dark Daughter (2 months ago)
HOLY MUTHER. This is cooler than I thought it would be. I'm 25 and I am now madly madly in love with this. xD
Me not know Shujja Chinese. Now me know now me happy. Im an American by the way
Noah Barker (2 months ago)
@Cartoon Kids: Cartoon Kids, can you please make the new episode pride landers unite tomorrow for a new episode of the Lion Guard premiering tomorrow on January 21st, airing on Disney Junior and make the whole episode please, Cartoon Kids on your channel, this channel, Cartoon Kids?😇😍😘😎
Blake Lane (1 month ago)
Since the elephants , rhinos and antelope joined forces the gorillas should join too
Kennifer Marius (2 months ago)
Shujaa sings best when he's sad
Kennifer Marius (2 months ago)
Kion roars like a boss
Kennifer Marius (2 months ago)
Shujaa sings amazing
Ahmed Hussein (2 months ago)
I like the lion guards because they rescue all the animals from the hynas and crocodiles 🐊 and the others
The Dishonored Coward (2 months ago)
0:27 That's no gorilla. That's an orc.
Michael Mallari (2 months ago)
Audreysaurs Gamer (2 months ago)
Animal: **inside den** *Rock lands on den entrance* Animal: HEY! Who turned out the lights?
Celia NUTT (2 months ago)
Suga ponda
Lex60 (2 months ago)
His King send him to "help" the Lion Guard because he was destroying the mountain kingdom, isnt?
Blake Lane (1 month ago)
You really think so
Nigama Indrakanti (2 months ago)
Beshte and the beast like beauty and the beast
Aladi Bernard (2 months ago)
Shujaa is a funny Gorilla
Jaima and Ahsan (2 months ago)
Shujaas singing is so good
Electro_ Wolfie (2 months ago)
Kristy Thomas (2 months ago)
I literally
TheAnimalKing (2 months ago)
simba or kion ?
sovo1983 (2 months ago)
Lo siento Nina this wedding is for grown-ups only
Shay Prater (2 months ago)
basically the lion king but not
MfrmKahului (2 months ago)
The gorilla can sing tho 😍
timmy l (2 months ago)
1:15 do you see real trees
Keston Killingsworth (2 months ago)
Grace Wambui (2 months ago)
Shujaa & black panther got similarity maybe voice🤣
Xenomorph Queen (2 months ago)
"Numbers don't matter. Shujaa can't count." I laughed so hard!
XxDapper wolfxX (2 months ago)
That gorilla has the best eyebrows i have ever seen
Ei8ght Easton (2 months ago)
Bunga : Think he's trying to cut the line?
Anil Saraswat (2 months ago)
Zzzznzmm no.i*j*bkggbuj
Кто российский? Я потом обзора от am-per show.

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