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Top 5 Pantyhose Tips (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

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John Hulls (10 days ago)
What you say we call tights in the UK in the video we actually call opaque tights because they are a thicker denier,more like winter tights,normal tights are 30 denier or less.just so you know.
Jose Cueva (16 days ago)
Thank you for this tip i wear pantyhose all the time in a dresse skirts and nightgown pantyhose pantyhose love love them love you sissy Vicky
Alastair Hill (1 month ago)
Can you wear red shoes with tan pantyhose
Agent 6 (1 month ago)
0:16 what is that she wearing I wanna know
Alastair Hill (1 month ago)
Can you wear red shoes with tan pantyhose
Seba Fiodr (1 month ago)
I men love wearing pantyhose
motymurm (2 months ago)
Nude hose is just ugly
Pat Fong (2 months ago)
Wearing stockings or pantyhose with open toe shoes or even strappy sandals is perfectly fine if they are very sheer and do not have the reinforced toes - the latter being a complete fashion faux pas. Quality stockings greatly enhance the look of lady's feet and legs and with the right pair its almost invisible.
Serpico 7 (3 months ago)
I'm a straight male who wears pantyhose with My suits, tuxedos and dress clothes. Just curious, I wear mules with My hose ... is that cool!?!
NYVET (4 months ago)
I'm SO sick of this 'no pantyhose with open toe shoes' bullshit...why? Who says? What's wrong with it? And furthermore, you show someone wearing pantyhose with open toe shoes at the end of the video! Um... And suntan hose look like suntan legs. Sorry, can't say I agree with most of your video, except for the part about tights and white pantyhose, which are hot but draw unnecessary attention to the wearer.
THOMAS RUTKOWSKI (4 months ago)
That was a very good video but I don't agree with her color scheme I think woman's legs ❤️💋 💋 look a lot better in suntan pantyhose, with a lot of sheen to tell hose👠👠💋💋👗💄
steven Katz (4 months ago)
Love You Lucille, You are the best
Opie Krumpus (2 years ago)
So what am I supposed to do if i only prefer open-toe shoes. If the hose is dark and the shoe is dark color what is wrong with that.
Kenneth Lawson (2 years ago)
Pantyhose and high heels will have the right effects and the smooth look and feel of silk and satiny legs!
Crossdress Boutique (2 years ago)
Mix and match outfits with fashonable tights and pantyhose, there is no set rule but make sure you get quality ones and just enjoy. Peek Sneek: http://www.crossdressboutique.com/tgirl/lingerie-bras-gaffs/
Dynette Davis (3 years ago)
she doesnt know cd's
Dynette Davis (3 years ago)
thats crazy ass advice for transvestites , come on now
Rene Sousa (3 years ago)
Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BabeGirlsHere.BlogSpot------------------c0m
Cross Duck (3 years ago)
I love your video, your are stunning and i cant wait to see more of your amazing videos you are so beautiful and i can learn so much from you, and if you have some time check out one of my videos and let me know any advice you can give thank you so much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW7aAhz2hqI
Ty Chao (3 years ago)
What is wrong with pantyhose with opened toe shoes IT LOOKS SO SEXY
Francis Darche (2 months ago)
Ty Chao
Ron Swan (1 year ago)
I agree, do not even like bare legs gg or tranny
Fractured Hearts (3 years ago)
Link not working.
Lisa Hill (3 years ago)
I love everything about being a woman because you get to wear pantyhose all the time.  This is a reason I'm transvestite so wearing pantyhose is my favorite thrill, and have men turn their heads to look at my sheer legs whistle at them whatever in the next best thing.  I liked the video.
Robert ARMIJO (1 year ago)
Lisa Hill how good are your legs
You Peres (3 years ago)
Eric/a (3 years ago)
I love wearing black tights and pantyhose I am coming out
Jaybird196 (3 years ago)
Um, you mentioned nude pantyhose, to match skin-tone. And, you said, no white hose. Well, I'm pale. What would you suggest would be the best hosiery-based compromise? Thanks.
MsDianeFL (4 years ago)
Great Tips, tks Luv!
Steve Sales (4 years ago)
I don't see the problem wearing off black/barely black hosiery.  I also like to match skirts to shoes.  A quick check in the mirror will show whether or not the look is good. There are many tights (UK) that have a sandal toe and look great with open toed footwear.
You Peres (3 years ago)
Shannon Solomon (4 years ago)
Lucille, Thanks! I love this video! It has helped me pick the perfect pantyhose for any oufit.
Catch Queen (4 years ago)
there are actually pantyhose out there with open toes...there's a little piece of fabric that goes between your toes and presto: you're wearing pantyhose, and you can wear open-toed shoes too. It looks pretty confusing lol
robbie rogers (4 years ago)
uve all ready  lost it go back to school
Markus G. (4 years ago)
I think the rule not to wear pantyhose with open toe-shoes is outdated - it`s simply a question of shoe and pantyhose quality/style. Sure, if you`re not confident about your style, don`t do it since it may appear like a combination of schoolgirl-sandals with granny-style stockings. But what is more sexy than classy peep-toe heels with a pair of decent sheer hose??!
Not looking like stepped out of the 80's...HEY >=( if not for the 1980s there wouldnt be no pantyhose/shiny spandex leotard fetish! Nothing beats a great pair of L'EGGS<3 LoL 1980 L'Eggs pantyhose commercial featuring Joyce DeWitt
Georgie Rae Moore (4 years ago)
Thanks Lucille!  Love pantyhose!  Nude hose on my legs which have stopped growing hair!  So fun!
Renée Lynch (4 years ago)
Nice! We just started showing the hot legs and feet of Mrs S
Neil Schaffer (5 years ago)
So lets say I want to wear a white dress so I should wear a nude pair of pantyhose?
Root Witci (5 years ago)
thanks for the video its really nice and lots of info thanks again :-))
Alberto Mendez (5 years ago)
jhdawgfan (5 years ago)
Silvia Silver (5 years ago)
This is great, but I'm a little confused about what "sheer" pantyhose are? Thanks for sharing.
Dave Alsher (5 years ago)
I always wear pantyhose. I just don't do bare legs.
saila kumar (5 years ago)
Thank you Lucille for the Tips.
Rex Haney (5 years ago)
Love many colors of tights I'm a girl heart mind and soul
Rex Haney (5 years ago)
I'm a pantyhose lover... i enjoy wearing them...I'm a girl in a boy's body love being a girl
Rex Haney (5 years ago)
Love to wear pantyhose
TammiVance (5 years ago)
Thank you Lucille you are so helpful...Hugs And Kisses
flyingtigre1 (5 years ago)
remember to wash them with dish washing soap after wearing only by hand soap and suds then rinse hang dry. Another tip to putting on pantyhose is use a light oil on your shaved legsthey are so much easier to put on and feel really good. Go only up to your thighs no higher.
Sandra Stewart (5 years ago)
The sheerest hose often do not last and finding ones long enough is hard. Remember most M to F are above average in height. Buy what you like and fits well. JC Penny queen tall is my brand and size.
Sandra Stewart You look like Peggy Hill.
Emily Victoria (5 years ago)
My favorite type are black fishnets and floral pattern hosiery.
dee roberts (5 years ago)
i love pantyhose
HENRY HENRIETTA (5 years ago)
Great tips... -H
dee roberts (5 years ago)
whats wrong with white ?
intermariogr (5 years ago)
As a proper crossdresser, I already know all of these things. But it was so good seeing a woman posting this helpful video anyway! Thank you Lucille..
vickie chandler (5 years ago)
I agree with Angie, Lucille I am so happy to find your channel. Love the tights part too I need to get my brown tights for the fall/winter.
Anna O'Donnell (5 years ago)
Thanks for the UK mention (I was wondering what the difference was :)
Tina Bayliss (5 years ago)
How exciting to find your site. I'm a fan of pantyhose. Sheer to the waist too. Of course I love nylons, since I am shaven. But I think the "girls" who are serious dressers know that pantyhose help immensely in conjunction with the "tucking" issue. It's nice to come across someone who cares about tgirls. Thanks.
Daniela Smith (5 years ago)
New style I've been seeing recently. Black tights that match perfectly with plain black heels. The suede-y ones. Creates a perfect line that is amazing looking!!
Daniela Smith (5 years ago)
I know that what works for you is the most important thing. Lucille goes by current fashion styles of women. I'm 37 and around a lot of women from their 20s to 40s. A decent number cannot stand wearing pantyhose. Or dresses, except with boots or leggings. It is true that older styles are more classy (which I can see from some of your pics), but many women nowadays seem to want style and comfort. And fun! No disrespect at all! We're all different in this journey, and all special.
dee roberts (5 years ago)
i love pantyhose and the feel of them
TheCatwoman337 (5 years ago)
Great video
Sarah-Ann Grant (5 years ago)
Hi! Ny name is Sarah-Ann and thanks for the tip on pantyhose. I have a question how do you stop runs in the pantyhose and how can I keep them for a long time? Your tip will help me when I start living fultime as a woman.
veronicats100 (5 years ago)
Sorry I don't get it. What makes these so called tips legitimate? I like suntan and even dark coffee colored panty hose and i like to think they look great. White would also have its place with the correct outfit. Why are your, what seem to be preferences any better than mine?
veronicats100 are you dead
Suzie Jones (5 years ago)
Lucille, Always a font of wonderful hints and tips. Thank you! :-)
michael a (5 years ago)
Cannot believe most women do not like wearing pantyhose .The feel of silky lycra pantyhose on shaved legs is a wonderful feeling ..Makes your legs look pretty with a dress or skirt ,and heels .If I was a woman ,would wear them everyday with my toes painted,cute heels ,and feel so good inside and out wearing such feminine hose .I would trade places with beautiful women any day to dress pretty .Oh well a guy like me can dream..
Ari Gio (5 years ago)
Thank you Lucille once again for sharing...
Kellie Wilson (5 years ago)
Thank you, Lucille, for the wonderful tips - and for explaining why these tips are so important.
Sylvie06 (5 years ago)
Thank you so much. I love pantyhose when the weather permits, but I have broken your rules just because I adore the feeling of having them on! I'll try to do better from now on! Sylvie
chloe delores (5 years ago)
Totally agree with you ...i used to buy cheap tights/pantyhose and found that they fade and go patchy in areas.i decided to buy the best and my legs look awesome.i love the sculptz range in black and highly recommend them.i also love opaques in black of course by pretty polly.thank you for sharingxxx p.s. if you would love to see my legs as a result then by all means email me and i'll send you some pictures .all done in the best p ossible taste of course. xxx
Alex Vanweele (5 years ago)
Aww, thanks, for great advice, anif need any model for any other video's plz, pic, me!!!
Frisco Kid (5 years ago)
Joan Collins looks very sexy and also very very feminine and ladylike in stockings though , even in her 70`s !!
Juan Moreno (5 years ago)
Im Just Me (5 years ago)
I guess I dont know why you suggest staying away from white or even suntan....I have to wear compression stockings these days anyways so I have two choices either black or natural or nude...Ive worn white before but I have the legs to show off...everyone has been jelly of my legs...lol
Lucille Sorella (5 years ago)
Thank you so much, Adarabeth! LOVE my girls. :)
Lucille Sorella (5 years ago)
Aww, thank you Angie! You totally made my day! :)
Adarabeth Veau (5 years ago)
Thank you Lucille for sharing your tips ideas and wisdoms with us. I concur you ARE sooo much appreciated!
Angie Rineheart (5 years ago)
Lucille, you just continue to provide great information for us girls. YOU are so very much appreciated. Thank you.
Ken Eberhardt (5 years ago)
Love the tips... thank you
Lucille Sorella (5 years ago)
My pleasure as always, Tammi!
Tammi Martin (5 years ago)
These are great tips thank you.
Lucille Sorella (5 years ago)
Thanks, Dani! I too love tights. In fact, my entire wardrobe revolves around my tights collection. :)
Daniela Smith (5 years ago)
Liked this video. Very helpful. I knew these already from many sources (including you Lucille). I don't wear dresses too often, but really enjoy wearing tights more. Especially since I have a long torso and dresses are usually shorter on me than most women.
Tom DiGregorio (5 years ago)
Make a video on how to make breasts grow big busty and quickly. I would like to make the transformation from male to transsexual woman.
Lucille Sorella (5 years ago)
I agree - hosiery gives a much more polished look. :)
RandiRN1 (5 years ago)
I must disagree with the current styles. Maybe I am old fashioned but I wear hosiery everyday. I also wear many colours of hosiery. I think the bare legged look is horrible. Maybe it my age. Young women also no longer wear a slip, and I think that too is terrible. A well dressed woman wears hosiery and if her dress needs slip that also.

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