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Daughters Cry Remembering Mom Who Fell Off Cruise Ship

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It was an all-girls cruise vacation aboard the Carnival Liberty when disaster struck. Samantha Broberg, 33, climbed a rail on a 10th-floor deck around 2 a.m. while the ship was sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship's thermal imaging camera captured the moment when she suddenly fell backwards and plunged into the water. Her body was never found. Back home in Arlington, Texas, Broberg’s daughters still fight back tears remembering their mom, more than two years after the accident.
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Lotte Yanson (5 days ago)
This is so upsetting hearing this 😢
KidInHat (7 days ago)
Nightrap (8 days ago)
Went on the same ship last year during the summer
Theme Park Sounds (10 days ago)
That's what she gets for cheating, she probably was in that water for at least 3 days treading water in horrible conditions before she ultimately drowned from exhaustion.
Flash Stash (12 days ago)
Why did she climb the railing in the first place?
alice mountjoy (12 days ago)
Kennedy Smith (19 days ago)
Possibilities She was drunk and fell off She commited suicide Someone pushed her It was an accident ( she sat on it to take a picture and fell ) They were kissing or having sex and she was against the railing and fell off. But either way she was at fault for drinking too much and going off with someone she did not know and possibly cheating on her husband she is an adult and she knows to drink responsibly.
Stephanie Mac (23 days ago)
She was stinking drunk. It’s sad she died but she is responsible for her death..no one else. So many of us females think it’s cute to get so drunk that we can’t stand up straight. She paid the price for her silliness..now her girls grow up without a mother.
1:57 I love how there all crying except for her.
Nikki D (26 days ago)
Balcony, alcohol.....yikes.
Itz Me Mayah (1 month ago)
She was drunk thats why she cheated so y'all need to shut up no matter what mistakes someone makes she lost her life
Bionett Arroyo (1 month ago)
I would never let my friend leave with a guy she just met, especially knowing how drunk she was.
Chells_tells (1 month ago)
Wow very sad. But that was her own decision to keep consuming so carnival is not at fault
Trinity Jackson (1 month ago)
I don’t care if she was cheating or not. That don’t mean she should’ve died! She have girls back home that love her and enjoy her presence. If my mom did that I wouldn’t care, But I would care that I couldn’t see her again.
jamjam731 (1 month ago)
At the very least, the man who saw it should be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Who does that?!?! He saw her go over and then had a beer and went to bed? He probably pushed it her since he didn't report it.
Little c (1 month ago)
In my opinion the cruise ships should close all decks after 9:00 pm
519 Forestmonk (1 month ago)
I think that man realized he was not married to the woman he thought he married
Wakinyela Ska Win H (1 month ago)
KARMA! maybe that's why she fell off, security cameras have her on video with another man smh...
Steve Stevenson (1 month ago)
Dude, your missing the point your wife was wife another man. She was gonna get plowed than did something even more stupid and got herself killed. However judging that some of your kids appear to be not all yours, you probably don’t give a dam who your wife sleeps with
Iam Jaay (1 month ago)
I would of told
Lynn Kayee (1 month ago)
Hopefully it was high enough to cause death on impact. *I mean just imagine* the horror of watching your ship and only source of light just fading away.
Fuck da World (1 month ago)
Lynn Kayee she was so drunk and was twirling when she went under she never came back up alive she wouldn’t hVe new witch way was up she may have never came up at all in those ruff waters
Harry Reichert (1 month ago)
At least she was drunk and probably died "without realising what was going on" except for being sober and dying slowly and thinking about life and stuff
Erica Gutierrez (1 month ago)
That's crazyyyyyyy follow me on snap: itz_erica1738 🤣🤣😂
Aaliyah Feacher (1 month ago)
Why did she climb on the railing?
Mazen 112806 (1 month ago)
To be honest probably she was so drunk so she was with a different guy and that guy was probably so drunk that he didn’t know what to do
Juan Trevizo (1 month ago)
So she was drunk and cheating on her husband...ok. Also how did she have so many kids so close to age?
Jennifer Montoya (1 month ago)
So sad. My heart goes out to her daughters & family.
Christianna ASMR (1 month ago)
Wow this makes me scared to go on another cruise ship
kinkyCarlieee (1 month ago)
This succccccccks !
Janik B (1 month ago)
It’s hard to feel bad for her. Children from different fathers, a drunk, a cheater all while her family was back home waiting for her. I feel no sympathy
Ion know Who dis?? (1 month ago)
So she cheated to ?
roastmypig (1 month ago)
Bro that man was ready to go balls deep, RIP
Joshua Lackey (1 month ago)
To the people saying she got what she deserved for cheating would cheating equal death?
Qtcarmen7 W (1 month ago)
We don’t know if she was cheating or not. It doesn’t matter now. No one deserves what she went through. So sad! May God bless the family and help them get through this.
Blob Yheblob (1 month ago)
I think tha women was pushed
Rachel Lindsey (1 month ago)
Ok..the guy who saw it must have been apart of the incident😐🤔😐
Dimyn Kalaluhi (1 month ago)
What if she Faked her Death to be with another Man
Laura Leon (1 month ago)
How could this not happen when she herself bought 16 drinks, was given free drinks (as some bartenders do) and got drinks from other guests? It's just a recipe for disaster and I feel for the family it was tragic losing a family that way but where is the common sense and need to protect oneself.
DUHHHITSCC . (1 month ago)
Oop 😔 This is sad😪
Grande Lover (1 month ago)
Cheatin ass
This is super sad I can't believe this happened well she's in a better place😢😢😢😭😭😭
RAIN DROPS (1 month ago)
Dad, I think she was messing around. The kids don't match.
SadieLady 116 (1 month ago)
Poor daughters. May you Rest In Peace. Please if anything ever happens report it you could save someone’s life.
Katy perry?
HA 2318 (1 month ago)
Did she drown or die from the impact?
pretty princess (1 month ago)
How is it possible to dislike this??????
Natasha Powell (1 month ago)
its sad and all but she did this to herself
Angelina Fabulous neko (1 month ago)
I like how people assume she is cheating just because she was following a man and later found out she has a husband. Like maybe it was something different put your smart brain on and think there could have been many things going on we don't know so why don't we just stop and assuming things just because we have so little information like I'm sorry were any of you there no oh didn't think so.
F_ves (1 month ago)
I dont think she was pushed because on the thermal camera she's the only on out there if he pushed her it would have been another thermal heatbody image
Mark Sauer (1 month ago)
It’s all her fault she shouldn’t off jumped on the rail.
pepermintbeby (1 month ago)
I don't think its carnival's fault 🤷🏽‍♀️
wig (1 month ago)
Great role model? Yikes kid, sorry to break it to ya.
Margie (1 month ago)
i wanted to cry too... ...
Mom was a skank, i don't care that she died.
MIKECNW (1 month ago)
Unless she wasn't an alcoholic prior to marriage or not one at all , it's beyond me why this follow married her and brought 3 daughters into the world with her.
andygirl333 (1 month ago)
Why didnt the guy report her falling off? I dont get it, he just had a beer and went to bed after watching someone fall off the ship, maybe he pushed her off, to me he should be a person of interest, maybe she would have been rescued had he said something
Ethiopia _ (1 month ago)
Idc how tired I am, I will not leave my friend alone at night by her damn self.
Haley Faragalli (1 month ago)
Damn that's horrible
chilled sama dio (1 month ago)
She was pushed duh
Shrek (1 month ago)
Not trying to offend anyone but like it’s kind of karma because she was cheating
These were hoes anyways white girls smh
Jen M (1 month ago)
Her poor husband having to see her sitting at a bar with some man touching her.unreal
Tay No last name (1 month ago)
Well, no more cheating for her.
ASMRtist Carla (1 month ago)
If i was her husband, id be grieving her loss AND frustrated that I couldnt confront her about cheating
Necessary Videos (1 month ago)
She'd still be alive rn if she ain't fall overboard .
scudgiekid (1 month ago)
15 hours!? she could’ve drowned and been eaten dragged down and done to by ANYTHING in that mysterious ocean .... 15 hours until noted , they should be rightfully sued
sarah sllawson (1 month ago)
Maybe these cruise ships need to consider surveillance cameras on the deck levels and on the top of the ship that way they have evidence of these "overboard" occurrences?? It might save them from being accused of negligent or at fault!?!?
V B (1 month ago)
R.I.P, God be with you and your loved ones, amen.
Bob Marry (1 month ago)
He probably pushed her
packers fan (1 month ago)
I bet not one of those kids is biologically related to her husband
Hay'der Parker (1 month ago)
Young Simbah (1 month ago)
Yoooo she sounds and looks like the mom from the incredibles
Jessica Lee (1 month ago)
Something's fishy about this story..
Swamp Balls (1 month ago)
Swamp Balls (1 month ago)
One daughter is black?
i feel really really bad for her. :(
Retro917 (1 month ago)
Carnival is for degenerates and need to realise they’re the United Airlines version of the seas. They’ve had a shady rap sheet from day one with issues and mishaps one after another and yet people unknowingly keep going to them. It’s no wonder why’d they always stay afloat (*pun intended) .. 😔😒😞
Zashings (1 month ago)
Should have longer rails tbh
Will Reddish (1 month ago)
I would sue carnival for not haveing their alert system that let’s you know if someone goes over board and we have had that technology since 2008 and every cruise I’ve been on has it so it’s no reason carnival shouldn’t have it either
Diys Y (1 month ago)
So very very sad 😔 that is horrible her poor babies may they be blessed it’s very important to have your mother. So sad but why did she leave with a man if she was married?????? Also so scary and the I do agree that the carnival is not responsible she is an adult also I do agree there needs to be security for ppl falling. Overboard and that mysterious guy should be charged with involuntary manslaughter or something he’s a total creep
PinkVelvet BlackVelvet (1 month ago)
Stan loona
Tanja Groen (1 month ago)
😭😢😢so terrible
F.B.I (1 month ago)
That one girl don’t care
She’s a thot lowkey not going to lie.
Tyler R (1 month ago)
why have there been so many cruise chip fall offs recently
Panda killer Po (1 month ago)
I don’t feel bad I mean I would if they didn’t cheat
ryss ryss (1 month ago)
she kinda looks like jenna marbles
Rebecca Logan (1 month ago)
She got what she deserves
Rebecca Logan (1 month ago)
A hoe died , I don’t feel sorry for her 😕😂
Tim Barba (1 month ago)
Was she cheating?
Tim Barba (1 month ago)
Poor girls
T Sommers (1 month ago)
What kind of person watches a woman fall off a ship in the middle of the ocean and does NOTHING? Something is not right with this story. What else is strange to me is the lack of security cameras on the ship. The potential for danger on one of these ships has to be pretty high. So one would think security would be greater. IDK ,what a tragedy.
D West (1 month ago)
Why climb up there in the first place
Mc Shibby (1 month ago)
Stupid whore lol she could have been making sandwiches for the kids still instead shes a dead whore... oh well
Ronnie Branch (1 month ago)
Stephanie SC (1 month ago)
Got too carried away with liquor and paid an ultimate price.
Mr.Unknown Cali-Life (1 month ago)
J C (1 month ago)
Where is the cctv on the deck?
tuchiquita bebe (1 month ago)
He had a drink and went to bed😠😠😠how in the world could he sleep knowing what happened. He has no heart.
Fuck Love (1 month ago)
Honestly I don’t know how to feel about it like yeah I feel bad for the kids and her husband but like her husband should be mad and upset at the same time bc she was with another guy...but she also ended up falling off....:/

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