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What Are Michael Jackson's Children Up To 9 Years After His Death?

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It's been nine years since the King of Pop died. Michael Jackson was 50 when he suffered a fatal overdose at his home, leaving behind three young children who were raised by his extended family. Jackson had two children with ex-wife Debbie Rowe, Michael Prince Jr. and Paris. His youngest child, Prince Michael Jackson II, was conceived with an anonymous surrogate. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano (https://twitter.com/MaraMontalbano) has more.
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Mishal Al-badri (1 day ago)
Is he a 👧
Fbjeeu Bsnsns (1 day ago)
arick._ (1 day ago)
Imagine putting an ad on someones death vid
Arjai Dahlasdon (1 day ago)
Never met a whole black family that hate their race ... if not just follow all the Jacksons 🤷🏽‍♀️
Ardour Jimin (2 days ago)
Bust Down, Your Mom's A Tortilla 60 now
Cheryl Harwood (2 days ago)
Digyanshi Dash (2 days ago)
Michael Jackson is at least proud of his kids!!so r the kids!forever remember 5e name
Arosh Mahek (2 days ago)
Omg what a father he put his baby in balcony omg hes a bad father
Ale J (3 days ago)
Damn fuked up ey father was a pedophile
Mj died when I was 2 dang 😔.. now I’m 12 and I been singing since I was 10 or 9 and I think mj will be prowd in heaven and look at me and simling at me 😔❤️🤘 ... but then I stop singing at 11.. in 2018 but in 2019 in June I came back bc of. Mj death 10th anniversary coming up ...🤘 And practice again and again And I know everyone stop listing to mj song now in the past and now everyone change
Juliaa (3 days ago)
Tyler1’s Dad (3 days ago)
Kids: oMg iTs mIcHaEl jAcKsOn hE hE He hE
RIPEDITS ! (3 days ago)
Wait how is he kids white if Michael Jackson was black but he bleached he’s skin? And I’m not trying to be racist I just wanna know?
SHU SHU (2 days ago)
Their mother is white
Syauria (4 days ago)
They do not look like they have any black in them at all
Malaysia McDade (4 days ago)
They don't even look like him tho.....
Kalicia Hill (4 days ago)
Michael jackson was black and they don't look mixed😕
Shannon Shorter (4 days ago)
CruzanGyul (4 days ago)
None of them looked mix. that isn’t MJ kids at all. Becky lied.
Lilly May (4 days ago)
Ok but like he was a child molester.
im not ok i promise (4 days ago)
Wait.... I had no idea he had kids...
Thirst Quencher (5 days ago)
How his children white tho?
pre waifu (5 days ago)
Domenic John Demeti (5 days ago)
This was a day after my 10 birthday
Eviesee2 (5 days ago)
Poor dad. named his kid blanket
Jai Auginash (5 days ago)
He hee
hannah josephine (5 days ago)
they don’t look black at ALLLLLLL I-
Nessa_the_roach 07 (6 days ago)
Just a little hehe
Blanket is handsome
tik tak v (6 days ago)
That's what they say he died of a drug overdose wow
Gekyume Llj (6 days ago)
He scares me
Gekyume Llj (6 days ago)
BillieEilishFan 101 (6 days ago)
SSSEX X (6 days ago)
For all the the tik tokers out there HeEhee
Ashleigh Schamper (5 days ago)
SSSEX X Wow the thought you must’ve put in to steal this comment is just amazing.
Frxitloxp (6 days ago)
Lila. Moonlight (6 days ago)
*jUsT a LiTtLe BiT hE-hE*
Aiden Aguirre (6 days ago)
I’m happy Paris b day is mine April 3
Preston Glenn (6 days ago)
Dianna Morales Chacon (7 days ago)
I remeber doing a research project for Micheal Jackson
My ARMS Hurt. (7 days ago)
Storm Risez (7 days ago)
Watch out for the AYuWoKi Hehe
Audrey Truong (7 days ago)
Young Legend (7 days ago)
Abby darkness (7 days ago)
Curious Hawk (7 days ago)
Even before all the plastic surgery and skin bleaching, his kids look nothing like him.
Evelyn (7 days ago)
Michael Jackson’s pronouns were “He him” but they should’ve been “He he”
500 subs? (7 days ago)
LifeWithMaddy (8 days ago)
me and paris have the same birthday
moonlight fam (8 days ago)
God bless all his children💙💙god bless Michael jackson💙💙
the amazon 3030 (8 days ago)
Scary Michel Jackson MeMe
Crisbel Lopez (8 days ago)
Wasn’t he killed by his own doctor?!? Or am I just confused?
rakeem cortes (8 days ago)
Her hee
RandomUnknown (8 days ago)
Im confused.
The Antipolos (9 days ago)
hee hee
Neno Catii (9 days ago)
im happy he died Cuz didnt u freakin see
bts girl (9 days ago)
Mila Is cute (9 days ago)
is it weird i feel the worst for blanket he had the hardest life out of all of them he looked so sad i don’t know why but i can’t even imagine being him it makes me so sad
Jae Effect (9 days ago)
This child molester
KittenNation (10 days ago)
It was 10 years
Mari Mari (10 days ago)
scarecrow the terror (10 days ago)
Boruto : The hokage... Hes my dad This is it remake : The king of pop... Hes my dad
Trinity JaNae (10 days ago)
I love Michael Jackson’s songs but he really creep me out I always been scared of him since
_Dusssty. official_ (8 days ago)
same lmao
Aisha Conteh (10 days ago)
I’m gonna be honest..I’m scared of Micheal Jackson,whenever I see him I get scared I don’t know why
_Dusssty. official_ (8 days ago)
Aisha Conteh me too looll
Annie Conway 21 (10 days ago)
That poor girl
Jackson is a bad father
Bottle o' milk (11 days ago)
An Zai (11 days ago)
Blanket reminds me of Antonio Garza-
A profile picture (11 days ago)
Didn't he molest children?
WhereAreTheAvavados? (11 days ago)
Were his children adopted? They look nothing like him...at all. Except Blanket.
lechar roper 023 (11 days ago)
Lmfao those aren't his real kids and it does not Take sherlock to know that like come on bruh
AREA 666 (11 days ago)
No one talking about how he dangled his own son of a tall building?
Skeet Skeet (11 days ago)
AKROMUSTO (11 days ago)
hee hee
David Barnes (11 days ago)
Nuuuu :(
Rebecca Oprea (11 days ago)
Just leave them alone and let them live their lives , quit reminding them .
Spartacus115 (11 days ago)
I would hate to be the child of a pedophile
Sian Scourfield (11 days ago)
Anaya Jones (11 days ago)
His children look nothing like him
JOHN COLLINS (11 days ago)
The saddest part is, is the fact that he died a few days after I was born.
Niall Taggart (11 days ago)
Who knows the tik toko of him that ends in 😉
Bailee Wilson (11 days ago)
why arent they mixed?
Cinemaxxx Movies (11 days ago)
They don't look half black
HYPEBEAST BOY (11 days ago)
So prince can say the n word
hi I give out toe pics (11 days ago)
SomeRandomHuman (11 days ago)
Hopefully they make music so they can be jojo reference's
pearl ziption (11 days ago)
I really thought blanket is a girl
ッ電機ちゃん (11 days ago)
Man... This hit me... Just a little... “ *hE He* “ 😢🥺🤧
Karo Palor (11 days ago)
It’s actually hard to feel sorry for him, I mean he did molest and rape young children, slept with them and made them think it was normal. He did dangle his newborn over a Berlin hotel as well.
Rarity Ourworld (12 days ago)
I remember them carrying his funeral down the road on TV
Commander. Poopyface (12 days ago)
Didnt he touch little kids? And he has kids... Hmm, seems legit
Mia Lagapa (12 days ago)
Just a little HEE HEE
LukstrGamr (12 days ago)
lmao I thought michael Jackson was black
Jocelyn Prado (12 days ago)
I feel bad 😔 hope they have a good life after everything
2020 letsgo (12 days ago)
Wait........ I was born when Michael Jackson died 2009
Sparkzy Playz (12 days ago)
Wildlife Lover123 (12 days ago)
He had kids?🤦🏽‍♀️
J GMoney1 (12 days ago)
In 20 days it will be 10 years since The legend MJ has died rip😞
megan kala (12 days ago)
MΛYTRIX XO (12 days ago)
Sadly none of them tried to sing or do the moonwalk😭
Vo Khanh Hoang (12 days ago)
ᴄʟᴀʀᴇ ɴ (12 days ago)
hEe Hee
Wolfy Paws (12 days ago)
Michael Jackson:hEhE TikTok:Hold my beer-

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