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Passengers on This Disney Cruise Spotted Something in the Sea That Shocked Them

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Text Comments (1928)
Tawnya Kotey (1 day ago)
Oasis is best harmony can rot in hell
I never got over 2 likes plz like
Kyra Cummings (4 days ago)
I never going on a cruise in my life
Alexis Pelfrey (4 days ago)
i have been on 3 cruises and i am fixing to go on my 4th and they have been amazing. i cnt wait to go on another one!!!
Roiles Gear (6 days ago)
so irrsponsillble
Brayden Bass (7 days ago)
susannah wood (7 days ago)
I bet Disney got really annoyed of this vid
This proves Disney is the best. They will take care of you as soon as known
The four Ultimates (9 days ago)
This won’t get a like🤗🤔
blewyd (9 days ago)
When he was saying Disney ship, he showed a royal Caribbean
YEETZY. SLIMEZ (6 days ago)
Im on the the caribbean cruise
Annalise 123 (9 days ago)
Well I’m scared going on a cruise in 4 weeks
Corinne Hiatt (10 days ago)
The first cruise ship I went on was oasis of the seas and my parents didn’t tell me what t was the biggest cruise ship in the world. Also can anyone tel me how long ago this happened?
Dairy Milkers (10 days ago)
Hannah Banana (10 days ago)
Do You Know Who Is The Best Person Ever? *****Read the second word*****
F4 Chgranger1 (11 days ago)
I just got of harmony or the seas
Atticus Gassen (11 days ago)
Awesome video
Harry Mitchell (11 days ago)
He said to find the like button I have been trying to find It for 30 minutes Like if your the same
Totally Tessa (11 days ago)
Nope just I’m going to stay FAR away from the railings
unicorn poo (13 days ago)
unicorn poo (13 days ago)
you awsome
Bailee Elzea (13 days ago)
Ava nick (13 days ago)
Couldn’t find the like button
Jocelyn Evans (14 days ago)
Does not stop me
Lazypotato (14 days ago)
The librarian said something to her dad Read more
Cameron Stevens (14 days ago)
Bella Coon (14 days ago)
Yeah I get seasick anyway so, I would never go on a cruise. PS. I'm kind of afraid of going very deep in the sea😥😣😝
Taylor Brown (14 days ago)
Isabella Stanevich (14 days ago)
I never got one like so plz like
Rylee Simpson (15 days ago)
i am going on one in 10 days
Rhonda West (15 days ago)
You Want To Know Who The Most Beautiful Person In The World Is Look at the first word
Rhonda West (13 days ago)
Your welcome I'm her daughter and I use her account alot
Puffy Paradise (13 days ago)
Rhonda West aww thx 🙂
MrWhim (16 days ago)
I’m at Disney watching this..
Jackson Bass (17 days ago)
i keep my opinions (17 days ago)
My first experience going on a ship to the seas was not anything but torture! It was rough and I vomitted a lot. Lol I don't know about you but I respect people who can swim like that guy and whom never gets sea sick.
Luis playz (17 days ago)
OMG this is why i hate the disney stuff ]:
Juno Williams (17 days ago)
E Slimes (18 days ago)
We don't need ships that money needs to go to saving honey the abandoned dolphin
CøøkieWølf Plays (18 days ago)
My classmate went on a vacation on that ship Oasis :]
Mia Tofahrn (19 days ago)
That is so scary
Nick Henton (19 days ago)
I've been on 12 cruises RC and Carnival-if you fall over board.... you meant to pushed/thrown/suicidal.. something just dumb. Cruises are great vacations unless your the negative type and find issues with everything or your a many low intelligence person who thinks the Titanic movie will be your experience.I have seen elderly people taken by helicopter after a stroke on board and people who have to drink themselves in alcoholic seizures to have a good time,once we saw the ambulance bring back the body of a cruiser after a rumored accident.Folks have eaten themselves almost to death,food is everywhere some folks are not used to this amount of food for entertainment for seven days. Your safety is paramount to the crew and all of these people (RC/Carnival) have made our trips great and we will cruise again.
Nick Henton (16 days ago)
+NasrulTube why ,leave it for the other short attention span types
NasrulTube (16 days ago)
+Nick Henton I'll delete my reply thank you very much...
Nick Henton (16 days ago)
Seriously, you don't like to read aolt.
NasrulTube (17 days ago)
+Nick Henton I can read dude...
Nick Henton (17 days ago)
+NasrulTube yes ..my attempt to illustrate my experience through your ability to read.
Louise 122 (19 days ago)
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Steve M (21 days ago)
Do You Know Who The Best Person In The World Is Hint:Look at the second word 😇
the shinjen (4 days ago)
God bless you😃😃😃
Jeff H (6 days ago)
Steve M that’s nice🤗🙂🙃😉😌😊☺️
Mr. Guest (8 days ago)
Copying other .....
Singing maddie (8 days ago)
I mean aw not m
Singing maddie (8 days ago)
Steve M aw thank you
orignal mint (22 days ago)
Cruse ships are very safe, the man fell overboard because he was not careful
Simon Hager (23 days ago)
why did you explain the oasis in so much detail
Jennifer McSorley (23 days ago)
Yep ?
Christen Heintz (24 days ago)
it will stop me from going on a cruss
NikiPlayer (24 days ago)
Facts verse be like: a woman saw something that shocked her Or No one touches this animal, but someone did and it changed his life Or A man saw something that...
Liam Savinainen (24 days ago)
It's kinda insane that he didn't get sucked into the propellers when he fell off at the 1st time
Jessica Staley (25 days ago)
Time to eat now🍔🍟🍷
sachcamaro charger (25 days ago)
Dallas Brown (26 days ago)
I never got over 2 likes please leave a like 👍
Chelsea Fuller (7 days ago)
Cayden Clemmons (27 days ago)
This is scary 😱
Joseph Butler (1 month ago)
Doesn’t change my mind at all. I love cruises and people never listen. Why did he get up on the railing?
faze1kid ! (1 month ago)
This is fake
Nasim Rahman (1 month ago)
That might be scare y
game ansico (1 month ago)
Did not spot the like button but I did find the dislike button
Naomi Pelaez (1 month ago)
Extreme Soybean (1 month ago)
Nope. there are over 300 deaths a day. sure the men probably got fired but cruises are still the best. And to be honest, seeing this video makes me wanna go on the oasis.(mostly because of the zipline) also This wont get a like
Don Moccasin (1 month ago)
Now I want to watch evantubehd
fl io (1 month ago)
Realy laier
David Yanke (1 month ago)
Ne hou
Margo Allen (1 month ago)
i love facts
Annie Hawkins Hallmark (1 month ago)
I’ve been on a Disney cruise there really
Nika .Huata-Pryor (1 month ago)
What is this BTW I liked my own because no one will :(
gacha Liker (1 month ago)
Rainbow Narwhal (1 month ago)
My question...... by does a boat need a water park? You are literally in water!!
John Yim (1 month ago)
I rather not going to the Cruise ship , I don't want to lose my life hahaha Because I can't swim
MissElenaIs (1 month ago)
omg I NEVER want to go on a cruise ship!!!
Jeremiah Ayoub (14 days ago)
You trash in fortnite I'll clap you easy dubs
Sarah Drummond (1 month ago)
universe's tim a (1 month ago)
It’s for the rights not to take the photo
Toni Baker (1 month ago)
Omg now I don't know if I want to go on one
Spidakid Diaz (1 month ago)
Cfttfdc txf xtc did zsrzsrrz sex’s. Rssrdx. Red. Rszr xd
Alex Langlois (1 month ago)
I have never been on a Disney cruise but I really want too I have been to Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney world Florida and disneyworld Florida is the best place on earth 🌍
Callie Bagshawe (1 month ago)
Sooooo basically a city on a ship
LAROUSSI BOUSSAA (1 month ago)
I am magical
Acacia Sweatmon (1 month ago)
I don't think i will be going on a cruise anytime soon
Khrissa Nik (1 month ago)
Khrissa Nik (1 month ago)
elijah blue angel (1 month ago)
are megaladons real
Zane Zroker (1 month ago)
I’ve been there
Magic Potatoes (1 month ago)
No I. And my family love cruises and I would be there with someone
Strayz (1 month ago)
That feeling when you’ve been on three Disney cruises and people tell you it’s not as good as other cruises so you show them this video and they shut up
Thiccjackson (1 month ago)
I was on the dream and when we arrived back at Port I saw a great white
MATTHEW FELDMANN (1 month ago)
I was on that ship
Gavin Davies (1 month ago)
The longest titanic is the longu st ship
Clau93 (1 month ago)
People are just stupid.... dont lean on the railings.🤦🏻‍♀️
Jenna Thomas (1 month ago)
In my second life when I'm a Kardashian then I will go on millions of cruses
Rick Stone (1 month ago)
Click it hard...so hard
Captain_125 (1 month ago)
I saw whales when I was on my cruise to Mexico, Cozumel
jess gao (1 month ago)
Ummmmmmm actually I never went on a cruise
ew go die (1 month ago)
im pretty sure the largest passenger ship is Symphony of the Seas which is royal carribbean
Chase Bringle (1 month ago)
PA 2024 Lance L (1 month ago)
Jane Firebaugh (1 month ago)
click the thumbs down button twice! :)
Erica Strunk (1 month ago)
The oias looks like the titanic and the queen mary (one of the most haunted ships around due to ghost sites
Rahmah Alvi (1 month ago)
I know this is a weird question but is anyone else a gacha fan
Rahmah Alvi (1 month ago)
I’ve always been scared of cruises I started being scared of them after I watched the movie Titanic and after I watch this video I felt more scared so thanks a lot facts verse for making me more scared of cruises
Ava Brosdal (1 month ago)
I was on the Disney Cruise before! It was clear water so it was way easier to see things!
This was a eye opener for me, I've been on 17 cruises so far, many times alone, I couldn't imagine falling off of one, but now i will stay away from the rails, and use a buddy system when traveling with others, its safer that way. Also i've learn that many people are coming up missing on these ships. Human Trafficking is real, so please take care of yourself when traveling, stay alert and aware.
Ruth Reedy hunter (1 month ago)
Yes it will
Bella Ragione (1 month ago)
I go on the Disney Magic tomorrow!!!!!! but now i'm scared
Gus Preston (1 month ago)

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