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Kim wants to see a man wearing pantyhose
Kim thinks it's not fair that women have to wear pantyhose but men don't.
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Jessica explains how to buy pantyhose in a store
It's difficult to buy pantyhose in a store because you can't tell what color they are or how they will look.
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Kim - shows off her feet in pantyhose and open-toed shoes
Kim likes to show off her painted toenails but pantyhose cover them up in open-toed shoes.
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Stephanie snaps and complains about her pantyhose
Stephanie doesn't want to be girdles in the harsh synthetic bondage of pantyhose.
Views: 13827 IHatePantyhose
Lucy Streteches and Plays with Her Used Nude Pantyhose
Lucy stretches and plays with her used nude pantyhose and lets you know how they are the worst!
Views: 9878 IHatePantyhose

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