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Mom Who Confronted Starbucks Barista: 'Everyone Needs to Know What She Did'
A mom who made headlines when she accused a Starbucks employee of ripping off her debit card is speaking out about her now-viral video. The footage of Juana Martinez confronting the young woman at the Starbucks drive-thru has been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. She drove back to the Starbucks near Los Angeles with her husband recording the confrontation on his cellphone. The worker made no attempt to deny the accusations. The young woman apologizes repeatedly.
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Friend of Jose Fernandez Burst Into Tears Hitting Home Run After Field Tribute
There wasn't a dry eye in house during the first game since the tragic death of Miami Marlins' pitcher, 24-year-old Jose Fernandez. The star pitcher was killed in a boating accident when it collided into a jetty. Every player wore Fernandez's number 16 and inscribed his number into the mound. Even the announcers struggled to keep their composure. Player Dee Gordon was burst into tears after belting a home run that soared over Fernandez's number painted on the wall.
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5-Year-Old Boy Discovers Message in a Bottle from 27 Years Ago
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A five-year-old boy Ryder Goggin and his mom were celebrating his birthday in Mendocino, California, when they found a bottle on the beach. Inside was a note: "Hi my name is Chris. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I live in Sacramento. Call me when you find this to let me know where it washed ashore." The note was dated Sept. 5, 1988. INSIDE EDITION called the number, but it has been disconnected. Ryder and his mom told INSIDE EDITION that they are still trying to find the note's author.
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Athlete Runs 350 Miles While Barely Breaking a Sweat Due To Genetic Condition
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Dean Karzanes can run 350 miles without stopping. The 53-year-old marathon runner has no trouble running a marathon. He even does them back-to-back with hardly breaking a sweat. His endurance is credited to his body's ability to flush lactic acid from his system. "I don't care how fast I go," he told IE. "I care about how far I go." He sets out at 2 a.m. to run his first 26.2-mile jaunt. When he finishes, he joins another 5,000 runners for a marathon in Monterey, California.
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Why This Diver Recorded His 'Final Hours' Adrift at Sea Before Being Rescue
A scuba diver thought he was doomed when he was lost at sea, 30 miles off the coast of Australia last month, and he is now thanking his lucky stars - and his wetsuit - for saving his life. Jacob Childs recorded his harrowing ordeal on a GoPro camera when he accidentally strayed away from his diving group off the coast of Queensland. The water apparel prevented him from getting hypothermia during the six-hour nightmare.
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See These Amazing Theme Parks Families Build In Their Backyards
Meet the Oklahoma family with an elaborate water park in the comfort of their own backyard. Kelley Carverness built the park for her family. There's a waterslide that twists and turns and leads straight into her pool. He told Inside Edition: "You will really never get bored of this pool." Carverness builds the pools with safety in mind, making sure everything is placed in the right spot so no one gets hurt jumping in, but some self-made backyard theme parks may pose a safety risk.
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Boy Caught On Video Sneaking Into Garage to Hug Dog: He's Over Every Day Now
A little boy was caught on home security cameras entering another person's garage only to hug the homeowner's dog. Homeowner, Hollie Mallet, was reviewing her security video and was surprised. "This little boy loved our dog so much that he just wanted to steal a quick hug," she told Inside Edition. She posted the video on Facebook asking who the child is. Josh does not need to sneak into the garage any longer, as Mallet has invited him to play with Duchess anytime he wants.
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Searchers Get Emotional Finding Remains Of Missing Hiker 2 Years Later
This exclusive video from Animal Planet reveals the heartbreaking moment searchers found the remains of missing hiker Geraldine Largay. The 66-year-old woman lost her way along the Appalachian Trial in Maine looking for a bathroom in 2013. Animal Planet was filming for a series when police made the devastating discovery two years later. The medical examiner believes she survived in the wild for about 26 days before dying from starvation.
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Teen Surfer Survives Shark Attack Despite Wearing Band Meant To Repel Them
Zack Davis, 16, was surfing in Florida when a shark appeared out of nowhere and attacked him. The teen is lucky to be alive after the surprise encounter that occurred despite the fact he was wearing a device to reduce the risk of an attack. At the time, Davis was wearing a SharkBanz, a device swimmers and surfers wear on their wrists or ankles. A promotional video from the company claims the device wards off sharks with a high-powered magnet. Davis says he got the $80 anti-shark apparatus for Christmas.
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Hear 911 Call From 11-Year-Old Girl Hiding in Closet As Men Break Into Her Home
An 11 year-old girl, home alone, called 911 saying a group of men were breaking into her house. Ashley Bermudez recalls the terrifying ordeal as she ran up to her bedroom to hide while on the phone with the 911 dispatcher waiting for help to arrive. Investigators say the men got into a stolen car and sped away, crashing into a flatbed truck nearby. A man and two juveniles were taken into custody and have been charged in this case. Meanwhile, local officials are praising Ashley's courage.
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Girl Suffering Painful Illness Says After Falling From Tree Jesus Cured Her
Annabel Beam was only 6 when doctors said she suffered an incurable disease that left her unable to digest food. Her young life is now the subject of Jennifer Garner's film, "Miracles from Heaven," in which the actress plays Christy Beam, Annabel's mom. In 2011, she fell 30 feet, head-first, inside a hollowed out tree. And during that time, she says, "I went to heaven. I sat on Jesus' lap and he told me, 'Annabel, when the firefighters get you out, there will be nothing wrong with you."
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When Tested See Which Repellents Keep Mosquitoes Away Best?
As summer is right around the corner and the Zika virus out there, what mosquito repellents work best? INSIDE EDITION went down to the USDA Mosquito and Fly Research Unit in Gainesville, Florida to find out which repellents work best. Three volunteers exposed their arms to hundreds of hungry Zika-free mosquitos. The first product to be tested was the chemical DEET. It's the active ingredient in many spray repellants like OFF, Cutter and Repel. They all worked fighting off the mosquitos.
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Twin Sisters Each Give Birth to a Set of Twins for The Second Time
Defying all the odds, identical twin sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall from Utah, gave birth to sets of twins for the second time each. Wall gave birth to her pair eight weeks early and Bunker's arrived a month before their due date. Each set of twins and their mothers are doing great and are perfectly healthy. Bunker admitted that she and her husband were in shock when they heard the news. Wall and her husband wanted another child and couldn't believe she was having doubles again.
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Woman Sang to Lifeless Daughter After She Was Cut Out of Her Womb
A woman whose unborn daughter was cut from her womb is speaking out about the moment she held her child's lifeless body for the first and last time. a Colorado jury convicted Dynel Lane of attacking Michelle Wilkins and leaving her to die. Wilkins, 27, recalled waking up in the hospital to discover that her daughter, whom she named Aurora, had died. The nurses brought her the child's body. "I held her, I sang to her, I read to her and it was really bittersweet," she told IE.
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Mom Distraught On Dock After Cruise Ship Leaves With Her Kids On Board
A desperate mom was filmed as she dropped to her knees when a cruise ship left her and her husband behind while their three children were on board. The 4,000-passenger ship was dockside preparing to depart for New York when the woman's husband noticed she was missing. He was driven away in a buggy to look for her, leaving their three children on board. Minutes later, the ship's horn blew as it sailed off. The couple tried racing back to the ship but it was too late.
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How To Survive A Tornado
If you think you should hide in a bathtub when a tornado approaches, think again. Storm chaser Warren Faidley shared survival tips with INSIDE EDITION. While bathtubs were once made of cast iron, today they're too flimsy to be any help, he explained. Outside, do not seek shelter beneath an overpass in case the structure is damaged. Instead look for a ditch and lay as low as possible. 'Lay flat, get down and cover your head if you can," he said. "Hopefully the winds will go right about you." For more follow the hashtag #HowToSurvive
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Reporter Returns To Los Angeles Rams Cheerleading Team 30 Years Later
The Los Angeles Rams have returned to the City of Angels after spending more than a decade in St. Louis. Returning to the field with the cheerleaders is a familiar face, Inside Edition investigative reporter Lisa Guerrero, who was a member of the squad 30 years ago. Guerrero dropped in on a recent practice to meet the women, who were thrilled about making the team and dared her to don her old uniform.
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5-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed By Backbend Can Now Crawl Again
A 5-year-old who was paralyzed as she performed a backbend is showing signs of improvement by crawling and pushing down on her legs. Eden Hoelscher was a typically active child until she attempted a backbend in the living room of her family's California home last December. Kylee rushed her daughter to the hospital where doctors discovered she was paralyzed. Eden is undergoing intensive therapy with a new approach to spinal cord recovery.
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Siblings of Foster Child Removed Due to Nationality Sleep in Her Room
The foster family of a 6-year-old girl who was removed from their home vows to do whatever it takes to get her back. Rusty and Summer Page have been trying to adopt Lexi for the past three years, but the little girl, was taken from the Page's home last week by Los Angeles County child welfare authorities. Her siblings are camped out in her bedroom, waiting for Lexi to come home. The Pages are appealing the removal and say they will go to the U.S. Supreme Court if they have to.
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The Craziest Car Crashes Captured on Dash Cameras
More drivers are installing dashboard cameras inside their cars and they're catching some shocking crashes. Los Angeles resident Doug Freeze has mounted two cameras inside his vehicle. He said the cameras give him an extra line of defense. "I have my dash cams because I'm concerned about people hitting me and taking off," he said. And he has good reason to worry. Another driver crashed right into his back bumper before speeding up and taking off.
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12-Year-Old Girl Takes Cops On 100 MPH Chase After Stealing Grandma's Car
A 12-year-old girl stole her grandmother's car and took it on a high-speed chase worthy of a movie scene, authorities said. The kid, joined by her terrified 7-year-old sister led cops on 35-mile pursuit that reached speeds of 126 mph, Texas authorities said. She tore down the busy highway, driving on the shoulder as cops chased her. Police were finally able to shut her down by contacting the anti-theft firm OnStar and having technicians reduce the car's speed into a gradual stop at an intersection.
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JonBenet Ramsey's Pageant Friend Had Many Dreams About Her Being Grown Up
The girls who once shared the pageant stage with JonBenet Ramsey still think about the tragic beauty queen, even 20 years after her death. Thumper Gosney once competed with JonBenet in 1996. Gosney said, "I actually had dreams about [JonBenet]. She was grown up and she was this crazy happy girl it was awesome to see her doing cheerleading and all kinds of stuff. I've had multiple dreams about her." JonBenet was found murdered at her home in 1996. Her case remains open as her killer has never been found.
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See The Wildest Animal Videos Of 2016
This year brought on many incredible animal encounters that were caught on tape. During a warm May evening in South Carolina, one alligator made its way to someone's front porch and looked as if it wanted to ring the doorbell. Earlier in the month, an Australian man got into an altercation with a kangaroo after it put his dog in a headlock. In August, beachgoers in Lake Tahoe were treated to quite a show when a momma bear and her two cubs went for a dip on a sunny day.
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Hear The Neighbor's Chilling 911 Call as Mom Shot Her Daughters Dead
Chilling 911 recordings have been released from the scene of Friday's mother-daughter shootings in Texas. Authorities released three 911 calls that were made before, during and after police say Christy Sheats killed 17-year-old Madison and 22-year-old Taylor in front of her suburban Houston home. In the first, screams can be heard from one of Sheats' daughters. Prior to the murders, police said Sheats called a family meeting. Jason Sheats told police he believed it was to discuss their divorce. Sheats told police his late wife accomplished what she'd set out to do. "Mr. Sheats will have to live the rest of his life with this terrible memory," Troy E. Nehls said.
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One Tourist Dies Every Week As Drownings and Injuries Are On The Rise In Hawaii
Hawaii may be known for its natural beauty but there also lurks a hidden danger within the scenic state. On average, one tourist a week dies in Hawaii, most of them from drowning. That's 13 times the national average - and the number of drownings is on the rise. Sandy Beach is one of Oahu's most popular tourist spots, but signs warn of the dangerous shore break. Another reads "no swimming." But that usually doesn't stop tourists from jumping into the water.
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Owner-Obsessed Dog Flung Herself Out The Window When Left Alone
One dog has suffers from a case of separation anxiety so severe that she once flung herself out a window to find her master after he left for work. Marcus Anderson, an L.A. resident, has said he tried everything to help his dog, Campbell. Anderson said that every time he heads to work, Campbell loses her mind, sometimes causing serious injury. The dog once broke her teeth chewing through a door barrier Anderson screwed in so she would stay in the house.
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Chimp Wreaks Havoc By Scaling Powerlines After Escaping from Zoo
ChaCha became the most famous chimpanzee in the world when he made his way out of the Yagiyama Zoological Park in Japan and wreaked havoc for two full hours. ChaCha scaled powerlines after the escape. As the tranquilizer took effect, the chimp would not give up. He lets loose a furious howl at the people below and then fell. Workers below tried to catch the chimp in a tarp but failed. He crashed through the tarp - but thankfully, was not injured.
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How This Security Company May Have Tricked Customers To Switching Alarm Systems
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A home security company has been accused of ripping out the signs of rival businesses and using deceptive practices to convince homeowners to switch to their alarm systems. The company, Alder, held a training session where Inside Edition producer Charlie McLravy attended while posing as a recruit. An Alder salesmen was caught on camera trying to convince homeowners to switch their ADT contract by offering a free upgrade. ADT is currently suing Alder for deceptive and misleading sales practices.
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Gymnast Without Legs Remembers The Moment She Found Out Her Idol Was Her Sister
An athlete who defied the odds has released a book about the miracle of her life to inspire others to go after what they want. Jen Bricker's new book, 'Everything Is Possible: Finding the Faith and Courage to Follow Your Dreams,' charts the 28-year-old woman's journey to become a powerhouse gymnast despite challenges along the way. Bricker was born without legs and was put up for adoption after being left by her biological parents-Romanian immigrants-at an Illinois hospital.
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Craziest Convertible Police Chase Ends with Selfies, High-Fives and Hugs
Even by Los Angeles standards, this was a very weird car chase. Among the oddities of the 90-minute, high-speed police pursuit in the rain: a TMZ tour bus, doughnuts being spun on Hollywood Boulevard and two suspects who mugged for overhead helicopters and looked like they were having big fun. Two home burglary suspects sped in a convertible Ford Mustang with its top down. The passenger stood, danced, and pumped his fist in the air as the driver sped in the rain across freeways and roads.
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Tribute Turns Ugly When Hockey Fans Throw Bracelets On The Ice
It was chaos on Monday night in Philadelphia as fans shut down a hockey game. Light-up bracelets were left on every seat for 20,000 fans at a Flyers game - all part of a tribute to the team's legendary owner, Ed Snider, who died last week at age 83. Every bracelet lit up before the game. But the tribute turned ugly as the visiting Washington Capitals began leading the scoring. Fans started throwing the bracelets onto the ice. The bracelets were hard to see on the ice. Both sides implored the fans to stop as players got pelted.
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Parents Vow to Get Foster Daughter Back After Being Removed Over Heritage
A sobbing 6-year-old girl was pulled from the arms of her foster parents and bundled off to extended relatives because she is 1.5 percent Native American. The child was removed in accordance with a federal law designed to protect Native American children. Lexi will be sent to live with extended Choctaw family members in Utah, authorities said. Foster parents Rusty and Summer Page vowed to get the girl back, saying they love their daughter and have been caring for her since she was a toddler.
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Teens Remain Calm As They Call 911 From Capsized Boat Off Florida Coast
Three teenagers perched on the hull of their capsized boat two miles from shore and calmly waited for help. "We're in the middle of the ocean, we flipped a boat," one of them coolly tells a 911 operator. The trio were fishing off the Florida Keys when water began pouring into their rented, 22-foot boat. Zack Sowder, his brother, Jacob, and friend Brent Shishido didn't have time to grab life jackets when their vessel flipped.
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Woman Inspired To Lose 162 Pounds After Not Fitting On Harry Potter Ride
At 308 pounds, Stephanie Chavez walked up to the popular Harry Potter World ride and knew she was too big to fit into the seat. That was in 2010. After years of dieting and working out, Chavez dropped 162 pounds of body fat. Last year, the 30-year-old donned a two-piece for the first time. She also won the World Beauty and Fitness Competition in the "transformation" category. The family recently went back to Florida, where Chavez was determined to get on the Harry Potter ride.
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Bargain Hunters Reveal How They Get Everyday Items For Free
Seasoned bargain hunters are sharing their tips for getting free stuff, both online and in stores. The last time Jillian Milhorn bought a bottle of shampoo or tube of toothpaste was three years ago, and she says she's saved hundreds of dollars in total. She signs up for promotional giveaways online. Joanie Demer created TheKrazyCouponLady.com to share her talent for coupon cutting. Lee Breslouer, a reporter for Thrillist.com, got free stuff without even leaving his house.
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After Deaf Man Is Killed By Cop, Here's How Hearing Impaired Drivers Can Be Safe
The recent fatal shooting of a deaf driver by a police officer in North Carolina has raised questions about safety for hearing impaired motorists. Jennifer Labriola, the principal of the New York School for the Deaf who drives to work each day, told Inside Edition through a sign language interpreter that if a hearing impaired driver is pulled over, "you tell the police officer you're deaf and 'I need to write this down.' You point to your ear."
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Uber Kalamazoo Driver Is Dragged Out of Court After Lunging at Crying Witness
The Michigan Uber driver accused of murdering six people was dragged out of court Friday after lunging at one of his surviving victims as she testified. Tiana Carruthers, who was shot four times as she shielded a group of children when Jason Dalton allegedly opened fire in Kalamazoo, wailed uncontrollably on the witness stand as Dalton was carried out. Carruthers struggled to keep her composure and was ultimately unable to answer the prosecutor's questions.
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Thieves Steal Car with Boy In It After Mom Left it Running and Ran Inside
Don't start your car and leave it to warm up outside your home. As your car "puffs" out exhaust, thieves are on the lookout for the telltale smoke signals that announce an unattended vehicle. Gregory Kehrl was warming up his Mercedes in front of his house when he went inside to get his wife. Octavia Patton left her car running, with her son, Eli, strapped into his car seat. She had gone into her mother's house to retrieve a bag when someone drove off with her vehicle, her son was inside.
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Principal Living in Motel After Angry Students Allegedly Start House Fire
A high school principal and his family have been forced to live in a cramped motel room after their Idaho home was destroyed by a raging fire police believe was started by vengeful students. Principal Mark Heleker and his wife, Lori, and their daughter, Katie, were home the night of the inferno. Authorities say that hours after the the Feb. 22 fire, a high school student posted on social media an emoji of flames with the message, "Burn b**** burn."
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Coach Fired For Tripping Cheerleader, Girl's Dad Says it Never Happened
A cheer coach is out of a job after an accusation that she deliberately tried to trip a cheerleader from the opposing team. Teresa Fann was fired from her high school coaching job and suspended from teaching. After initial video of the incident surfaced, many called for Fann to be fired. However, new video from another angle appears to show the woman lifting her leg, but not coming into contact with the cheerleader. Fann say she was actually getting ready to catch the girl in case she fell.
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Hidden Camera Shows How Strangers Can Get Close To Unaccompanied Minors on Planes
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Airlines charge parents an extra $300 to keep their children safe when they're flying alone, but just how protected are they? A 13-year-old girl who flew from Dallas to Portland by herself over the summer says she was sexually assaulted by a stranger sitting beside her. With as many as 400,000 children flying alone on any given weekend, Inside Edition conducted a demonstration to see how easy it can be for someone to approach an unaccompanied minor.
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Employee at Cold Stone Creamery Insulted After Customer Allegedly Fat-Shamed Her
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A teenage employee at a Utah Cold Stone Creamery says she was fat-shamed by a customer. Justine Elwood, 19, was working behind the counter at the popular ice cream chain when a customer said something that left her stunned. "Her kids were sampling a lot of the flavors we have and she kinda pulled them aside and was like, 'with all those samples you're having you're gonna end up as big as her,' and then she kinda pointed to me," Elwood claims. The fat-shamer didn't stop there, she says.
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Woman Takes 70-Pound Pig on Plane For Support: He's Quieter Than Most Kids
Megan Peabody is packing for a quick getaway vacation and she's flying along with her trusted pot-bellied pig. The 28-year-old is heading to Miami with her pig, named "Hamlet." Peabody once battled anorexia, and she says Hamlet is important to her recovery. Once past security, Peabody carried the 70-pound pig up the stairway and onto the plane. Hamlet knows just what to do. After all, he's a veteran traveled, this was his seventh flight!
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Texas Mom With British Accent After Surgery Isn't First To Have Rare Syndrome
A woman from Texas sounds like she's from England, despite never having traveled there. Lisa Alamia, a mom of three underwent jaw surgery to fix an overbite, and when she woke up, she sounded as if she was from across the pond. Karen Butler also has the syndrome. She is from Oregon but she sounds Irish following dental surgery. In another case, CindyLou Romberg of Washington, speaks with a Russian accent following a car collision.
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Couple Shocked That Realtor Never Said a Serial Killer Once Lived In Their Home
NEW UPDATE: Statement From Owner of “The Watcher House”: The owner of “The Watcher House” told Inside Edition he wants prospective buyers to be aware of the details of the "Watcher" before they consider buying the house. He says that he was not provided that information when he bought the house and is therefore suing the prior owners. He also told us that he has instructed his realtor to disclose the information about the “Watcher” when they meet with potential buyers. The realtor in our report was not hired by, and does not represent, the owner of “The Watcher House.” In addition, the owner says he had placed a written document in the kitchen of the house disclosing the details of the “Watcher.” That document reads in part: “Prospective Buyers have received this addendum to advise them of ‘The Watcher’s letters.’ These letters have been written by an individual who identifies himself as the home’s ‘Watcher.’ The Sellers…have no knowledge as to who wrote the letters. There is currently a lawsuit pending against the prior property owners for failure to disclose information regarding the ‘Watcher.’” Inside Edition did not see and was never shown this disclosure by the realtor who showed us the home. Scott and Laura Cotes say when they bought their home they were never told that the bodies of two murdered women were buried on the property in the 80s. Inside Edition went in search of homes that hold a dark secret like the Cotes', who are suing their realtor under California law saying he failed to disclose their home's dark secret. The realtor denies the allegations. You can visit diedinhouse.com which, for a small fee, will tell you if someone's died in your house.
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Woman: Eating Potato Chips Everyday Helped Me Realize I Had a Cancerous Tumor
Thanks to one woman's favorite potato chip, she found out she had tonsil cancer. Kristine Moore says she's been eating Ruffles potato chips just about every day for the last 20 years of her life. Last month, she was munching on her favorite snack when something unusual happened. She felt a sharp pain and went to the doctor where she got a shocking diagnosis that she had tonsil cancer. An oncologist says the Ruffles potato chip probably saved her life.
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Viral Plumber Who Dove Into Sewer to Fix Pipe Gets Free Jeans For a Year
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A photo of a hard-working plumber who went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a broken pipe is going viral. A homeowner snapped this shot of Jimmie Cox diving into murky water to try and fix the problem. Inside Edition connected Cox with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, who commended the plumber for his dedication to his dirty job. A photo of a hard-working plumber who went above and beyond the call of duty to fix a broken pipe is going viral. A homeowner snapped this shot of Jimmie Cox diving into murky water to try and fix the problem. Inside Edition connected Cox with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, who commended the plumber for his dedication to his dirty job. Cox was photographed with only his legs still dry and wearing Wrangler jeans, so the company is also giving him a year's supply of pants
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Watch Man Get Held Hostage By Shrieking Angry Cat
One cat let a particular houseguest know who was boss by trapping the visitor in a bathroom. Drew Alexander was staying at a friend's house when he encountered the meanest cat in America. "I just backed up and he cornered me back into the bathroom," he told Inside Edition. "He let me know I was not welcome." Apparently the cat named Toulouse doesn't like strangers.
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From Tattoos to Dentistry: Watch The Craziest DIY Disaster Fails
You might think you're saving a buck or two by carrying out beauty treatments or home improvements yourself, but as these DIY videos show, you should probably leave it to the professionals. One woman accidentally shaved off an entire eyebrow by performing a DIY exfoliation. Other videos show that people are even going as far as trying to complete their own dentistry, tattoo removal and piercings. Terry and Jon Wittmaack, hosts "Brothers On Call," warn against carrying out DIY projects.
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Do New Yorkers Actually Give Their Seat Up For a Pregnant Woman?
An Inside Edition reporter put New Yorkers to the test by seeing if they would give up their seat to a pregnant woman. Ann Mercogliano, who is seven months pregnant, took a ride on the subway system and found a number of people were willing to give up their seats. She also stood at the bottom of a stairway to see if anyone would help carry her suitcase up the stairs but many people rushed by. Another test shows Mercogliano hailing cabs and was touched when one woman offered her taxi without hesitation.
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