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Twin Teens: One Black, One White, Celebrate Their Differences
Twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twins but most people wouldn't believe it based on their appearance. They have the same mom and dad but Lucy has pale white skin with red hair while Maria has a caramel complexion and thick curly black hair.
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12-Year-Old Girl Helps Catch Home Intruder After Taking Photos, Calling 911
12-year-old, Taylor Blanton was in the kitchen waiting for her mom to come home from work when a burglar tried getting in. She dialed 911 and gave the operator a very detailed description. She took video and photos of the stranger as he lurked in ...
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Why a Single Mom of Two is Forced to Live in a Garage
Nicole Jones is a single mom with two kids who lives in a one car garage in Silicon Valley paying $1,000 rent per month. INSIDE EDITION got a tour of the converted home which is only 250 square feet but Nicole is happy in her home.
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Couple Didn't Tell Anyone They Were Having Twins - See The Shocked Reactions!
Sharon and Korey Rademacher knew that they were having twins but kept it a surprise from all their friends and family. When everyone came to visit they thought they were going to find out if it was a girl or a boy but they were shocked when they s...
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Momma Bear and Cubs Caught Having a Pool Party in Backyard
These videos reveal the unbelievable scene in Rockaway Township, New Jersey when a mother bear and her five cubs decided to throw a pool party. The bears splash around in a backyard swimming pool at the Basso residence, just like any family on the...
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Former Cheerleader Fits Back into College Uniform After Losing 150 Pounds
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Rachel Paul was a cheerleader in college but her life changed when she gained over 300 pounds. She became addicted to food as a teenager after her first love cheated on her. She worked as a cheerleading and dance coach, but her self-confidence was...
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How To Survive The Wild: A 10-Year-Old Boy's Survival Story
A 10-year-old boy is sharing the survival tips that kept him alive overnight in the Utah wilderness. For more follow the hashtag #HowToSurvive
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Watch These Kids Choose Between A Gift For Themselves Or Their Parents
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC The children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta were given the tough decision of choosing a present for themselves or one for their parents. Video of the social experiment entitled "The Other Christmas Gift," showed that when given the choice these kids overwhelmingly put aside their own wants to give their parents presents. Roughly 80 percent of the kids who participated in the experiment chose to give gifts to their family, creator Rob Bliss told INSIDE EDITION.
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How Forensic Artist Created Baby Doe Image Everyone is Trying to Identify
A haunting image of a beautiful girl with chubby cheeks and big expressive eyes is moving millions of people. But it's not a photograph, it's a computer generated image.
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Watch This 8-Year-Old Sister Save Her Baby Brother From Kidnapping
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A menacing kidnapper was caught on surveillance camera running down the street with a toddler that was snatched from a playground and his brave siblings who are only 8-years-old and 10-years-old came to his rescue chasing after the kidnapper and s...
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Exclusive! 'Price is Right' Model Who Gave Away Car: 'I Was Mortified'
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Model Manuela Arbelaez made a big mistake during an episode of "The Price is Right" when she pulled off a tag before the contestant could make her second guess and accidentally gave away a car to an contestant. The Colombian beauty spoke exclusively to Inside Edition.
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DNA Test Proves Waiter Spit in Man's Drink After Complaining About Meal
Ken and Julie Yeardon were eating at Chili's in Syracuse, New York. The couple weren't happy with the chicken and broccoli meal they were served. Ken paid the bill and also ordered a soda to go. When the lid popped off he noticed a wad spit in the...
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How Family is Adjusting to Life After Adopting Best Friend's Four Daughters
Liz Diamond and Laura Ruffino were best friends from childhood. Diamond was a single mom raising four daughters. Laura Ruffino and her husband were also busy raising their two daughters. When Diamond was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she m...
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Watch an EMT Propose to a Woman He Rescued After Being Stabbed 32 Times
Melissa Dohme was getting ready to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game but she had no idea that her EMT boyfriend, Cameron Hill, had planned a surprise proposal. She walked out to the mound about to throw the pitch when he ...
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Son Meets Homeless Piano Prodigy Dad: I Want to Help Him Clean His Act Up
The homeless piano prodigy in Florida stunned the nation with his talents. After we gave him a makeover, he told us there was still one thing missing from his life, the son he lost touch with 15 years ago when his life spun out of control. We tra...
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9-Year-Old Girl Testifies: I Don't Like My Mom Because She Killed My Father
"I don't like her...because she killed my father," shocking words from a 9-year-old girl as she took the stand to testify against her own mother during a murder trial in San Diego, California. Her brother is also testifying against their mother, t...
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Judge Recognizes Another Defendant in Her Courtroom, This Time From Cruise Vacat
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC For the second time in a month, Miami Judge Mindy Glazer recognized someone who came before her in court. Judge Glazer and the defendant, Alon Glenn, took the same Caribbean cruise out of Miami
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Watch the Craziest Moments Caught-On-Camera This Year
Countless explosive, nail biting moments that took place throughout the world and were caught on tape made 2015 an exciting year. INSIDE EDITION looked back on the moments that had us all at the edge of our seat. An off-duty firefighter risked his life to save a dog from a burning home. A nine-month old baby surfing with his dad in Puerto Rico. Motocross rider Robbie Madison also caught some waves and was seen surfing on his motorcycle. Other moments caught on camera were not so heroic!
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5-Year-Old Hero Gets Medal For Saving Mom and Brother After Car Wreck
A five-year-old girl named Lexi got a medal for saving the lives of her mom and baby brother after their car plunged down an embankment in the Canadian Rockies. Her mom Angela was driving home with her kids when she fell asleep at the wheel and dr...
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Are Claw Game Machines Rigged?
Claw machines are popular at arcades, restaurants, and grocery stores. But what you may not know is that many of these claw machines can be rigged to make sure you can't win until they've locked in a hefty profit.
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Mom Arrested After 'Baby Doe' Identified as Dead Child Found in Harbor
A child who became known as Boston's Baby Doe after her body was found in the city's harbor has finally been identified.
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California Drought Leaves One Town Looking Like a 21st Century Dustbowl
East Porterville is a town in California that has completely run out of water. It is ground zero in the drought and has become a 21st century dustbowl because all the wells have dried up. It's so bad they have to truck water to homes in 2,500 gall...
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Boy Forgives Dad for Stabbing Him 10 Years After Murdering His Mom
Anthony Sukto was eight years old when his dad stabbed him in the stomach and murdered his mom. Ten years after the attack he told INSIDE EDITION: "I survived the unthinkable. In total I got stabbed about eight times."
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Burglary Suspect Sobs After Discovering He Went to Middle School With Judge
In a jaw-dropping encounter in court, a burglary suspect breaks down after the judge recognizes him as a friend from middle school from 36 years ago! The suspect was overwhelmed with emotion and could only sob after the judge recognized him.
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Why This Homeless Man Only Took $2 From Man Handing Out Cash
YouTuber Coby Persin tapped $60 worth of dollar bills to a suit and walked around Manhattan with a sign reading, "Take What You Need" to see whether people would only grab what was necessary. The results were jaw dropping, with people in suits an...
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Man Who Went Broke Flying 1,500 Miles Just to Adopt Puppy is Finally Home
A man ran out of money when he decided to travel 1,500 miles to adopt a dog. Sadie, a collie-husky mix. Joel Carpenter couldn't resist spending his last dime on her. The only problem, he had no money left to get home. The 23-year-old fell for Sadi...
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Viewer Notices Cancerous Lump on HGTV Host: 'I'm Glad I Went With My Gut'
A fan is being credited with saving a TV personality's life after noticing a lump on his throat. Flip or Flop is a popular show on HGTV where Tarek and Christina El Moussa buy rundown houses and fix them and flip them. The fan noticed the lump on ...
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Courtside Dangers Exposed After Golf Pro's Wife is Slammed By LeBron James
It was a terrifying moment as LeBron James plowed full-speed into a defenseless fan sitting courtside. The six-foot-eight, 250-pound superstar accidentally slammed into golfer Jason Day's wife when going for a loose ball. She flipped over as LeBron crashed into her. After the frightening collision, LeBron checked on her as the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder came to a halt. She was placed in a neck brace and wheeled to an ambulance on a gurney.
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Check Out All The Animals That Made Headlines This Year
From a fire starting pooch to a walking bear, 2015 saw a slew of videos of animals during moments that shocked viewers. INSIDE EDITION looks back at the animals that made headlines this year. A dog survived being hit by a massive wave in Hawaii. A momma bear and her five cubs had a pool party at a New Jersey home and a French Bulldog staked claim to his house when three bears paid a visit. A pro surfer punched a shark in the back after he was attacked in the water in South Africa.
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Paralyzed Teen Who Shocked Nurse by Walking is Getting Ready to Dance at Prom
Bailey Murrill shocked her nurse when she began walking after being paralyzed for 11 days from the waist down and now she's getting ready to dance at prom!
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'No More Caveman!' Homeless Piano Prodigy Stunned by His Remarkable Makeover
Donald Gould sat down at a piano at a public arts exhibit in Sarasota, Florida, and stunned people with his talent. Now, Gould has a chance for a new beginning. In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, we're giving this homeless man a makeover.
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Watch the Terrifying Moment Man Clings to Cruise Ship Before Jumping in Ocean
A man was filmed clinging to a lifeboat on board a cruise ship as horrified passengers tried to keep him from dropping into the sea. The horrifying scene took place on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. The man didn't seem to want any help: he w...
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Is This The Scariest Bridge In America?
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland reaches nearly 200 feet in certain parts and measures 4.3-miles long from end to end - and for some motorists, getting behind the wheel and driving across the bridge is simply out of the question. http://ietv.co/1gQtZHw
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Boyfriend Threw Acid on Woman's Face When She Tried Breaking Up with Him
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Christy Sims' ex-boyfriend disfigured her when he threw acid in her face. In the 911 call of the incident, he is heard saying, "My girlfriend, I think it's drain cleaner." Christy Sims slipped into a coma. Two months later, she awakened.
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Husband Confronts Best Man Who Murdered His Wife
Nation Hahn tearfully confronted John Broyhill, his best friend and also the man who murdered his wife. Broyhill pleaded not guilty to murder but jurors took just 90 minutes to reach a verdict and he was found guilty.
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Important Safety Tips To Survive a Campus Shooting
The most important lesson students ever learn in class may be how to survive a campus shooting. Security expert Bill Stanton is showing Inside Edition how using furniture to make a barricade can keep a gunman out of a classroom. If there is a chan...
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A Man Lost at Sea for 66 Days Reveals How He Survived
Louis Jordan was rocked by a sudden storm that capsized his 35-foot sailboat and he was lost at sea for 66 days. He told reporters that he survived on seaweed, little crabs, and fish. On Thursday, Jordan was spotted by a container ship.
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Terrifying 911 Call After Woman Found in Cryotherapy Chamber: 'She's Dead'
A young salon manager was discovered dead in a cryotherapy chamber last week, raising questions about the safety of the treatment that exposes clients' bodies to minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures for brief periods. Chelsea Ake-Salvacion wa...
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Man Reunites With Childhood Bully After He Apologizes 20 Years Later
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC Chadmichael Morrisette is heading to his hometown Eagle River, Alaska, where he was bullied so badly as a kid, he left vowing never to return.
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Police Officer Accidentally Shoots 4-Year-Old: 'Mommy Am I Gonna Die?'
The nightmare all began with a silly little accident at home as a mom cut herself on some broken glass. By coincidence, a cop on a routine call happened to be on the block so she called out to him for help. As the cop approaches the house, event...
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Fan Refusing To Give Up Alex Rodriguez's 3000th Ball: 'I'm Not Trying to Be a Jerk'
New York Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez made his 3,000th hit on Friday and the guy who wrote the book on catching baseballs was actually the one who caught it. 37-year-old Zack Hample has caught more than 8,000 baseballs. Hample knew he'd be catchi...
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Watch The 7 Craziest Moments Caught on Camera This Year
The first half of 2015 has already been a whirlwind of heart stopping videos all caught on camera from around the world. INSIDE EDITION is taking a look at the seven craziest things that have happened.
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Watch Repairman Try to Charge $700 for Simple Vent Fix
INSIDE EDITION's House of Shame series is putting more home repairmen to the test - this time to see if they give a fair deal for cleaning an air vent. After hiding cameras throughout a rented house, we called local technicians to check out vents that can build up with dust, debris and mold. One repairman tried to charge $700 to clean and sanitize the air duct system, which only needed a basic cleaning.
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How Woman Survived in Desert for 2 Weeks After Husband Passed Away Next To Her
Her husband made a wrong turn, stranding them in the baking California desert for two weeks. Dianna Bedwell tells INSIDE EDITION she is grateful to have survived.
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Watch a 13-Year-Old Fight Off a Man Who Followed Her Home from School
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A man forced his way into a house and attacked a teenage girl returning home from school, it was all captured in the home's surveillance footage.
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Mom Finds Lost Meaningful Necklace Through Facebook
Vicky Pyne was visiting New York City for the first time when she lost her very special necklace that was given to her by her daughter Alice who passed in 2014.. She went back to England and posted about losing the necklace on Facebook. A miracle ...
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5-Year-Old Girl Killed, Family Injured After Massive Sturgeon Attacks Boat
5-year-old Jaylon Rippy died after the boat she was on was struck by a 200-pound sturgeon. She was with her family on the Suwannee River in Florida, her mother and 9-year-old brother were also injured.
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12-Year-Old Girl Sneezes 12,000 Times a Day: 'Kids Make Fun of Me'
12-year-old Katelyn Thornley started sneezing a month ago, and she still can't stop. "I thought it was like, 'I'm allergic to something,' she told INSIDE EDITION. She sneezes 12 thousand times a day and sometimes, the seventh grader can't even com...
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Heather Mack Spotted Dancing in Prison After Murdering Her Mom
Heather Mack, who killed her mother before stuffing her body in a suitcase while on vacation in Bali, has been seen dancing while in prison. The 20-year-old Chicago-raised heiress wore trendy shades and make-up with a big smile on her face.
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Teen Screams 'My Car Won't Stop!' in Frantic 911 Call When Gas Pedal Breaks
A terrified teen is frantically pleading for help and she's behind the wheel of a runaway car! 16-year-old Olivia Crooks says she was driving home from school in Green Bay, Wisconsin when the nightmare began. Luckily, the 911 operator knew just w...
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